Glitch with Tekkaman/Saki



I ran into a glitch a few weeks ago using Tekkaman in Survival mode in a match against Saki. Unfortunately, I don’t remember too much details about it, and I haven’t been able to reproduce it in practice after trying to for a bit.

Anyway, what happened was I did the space lariat (wp, straight), and right as I yanked Saki, got hit (I think I got sent spiraling upward), and she got throw pretty fast to the other side (straight, not in an slow upward arc like normal). She was stuttering between 2 or so frames fast, and started to float up to the top of the screen, something like the VJ glitch. I ended up just letting her fly up off the screen. I could still move around and perform moves, but I couldn’t hit her or anything. When I let the timer run down to 0, all button presses (besides the home button) wouldn’t work. The music continued on though, but I coudn’t do anything. It was on the clocktower stage.

Ive tried reproduce it in practice, but never got it to happen again. Bombs, shots, nothing worked. I don’t remember the assists, unfortunately, so they may or may not have played a role in it. I didn’t shoot the lariat up close, it was at a bit of a distance.

Just thought I’d bring it up. Maybe someone else may have some luck making it happen again. Nothing game breaking, and probably pretty damn improbable to happen in a real match.


[media=youtube]T09Sg80b4uM[/media] Would that be it? Happened to me by accident a few monthes ago and decided to record and recreate the moment.