sent with storm projectile assist

if i launch + storm assist and i jump up straight and do lk-hk sentinal somehow teleports immediately to the ground and he can either do a laser, rocket punch or sentinal force super

if i launch+storm and i jump at an angle (up forward) and do lk-hk sentinal is still in the air after the storm assist hits

i dont know if anyone else mentioned this but could anyone explain this to me?



this works with anyone.

ex: cable launcher+storm-jump straight up- jab-hk. he teleports to the ground immediately and u can tkahvb

I don’t think it’s a glitch. Combos like that work with other assists too, such as Sent-Y. You can do stuff like this where you pop them back up off the ground after the assist hits with Iron Man, Storm, Mags, Cable, etc…

Dunno how to explain it in-depth, though. Hopefully someone else can.

I prefer doing a fast-fly combo after the sj. RH knocks them down since it just looks a bit more neat.

if you do it a little slower i think sentinel doesn’t teleport to the ground n u get one more rh to send them straight into the ground cuz of storm’s tornados…people use this combo when they are in desperation of midscreen unblockable sometimes?

depending on the character, you can do, launch + storm, lp, hk, FS, Storm Pro. hits causing FSD, then you can do a lk, mk to juggle them on the way down, then from there you can :

A. Sj, Fast fly combo.
B. Dash under reset
C. Snapback(if the assist is dying or if Mag/psy is in the waiting with half bar(they are easy to get the unblockable on)

its easier to do just a lk instead of a lk, mk

you could even launch after the lk and it still combos

in a video sanford did the lk, whiffed a, Grab, storm hits, the opponent died but you can spit xx rp xx hsf which should kill them or almost at least

i find that the best reset is to dash under and catch them before they hit the ground with a,, HP RP xx HSF. its the fastest.