Glitched Costume Videos

Hello everyone I’m relatively new to the SRK Forums but I came here to show you guys some funny videos w/ the Strider/Morrigan glitch.
Zero & Spencer Lose their Hair
Trish losses Sparda & DP losses Wings
I’ll be making more soon on my channel so any feedback is welcome, thanks.
(Extra: Vergil’s Round Harvest Glitch when done with S/M glitch)

Well, now that I know that Zero’s hair is separate from his body (and also not part of his hitbox), I kind of want them to change it to look like it did in TvC. (i.e. not defying gravity)

But the videos are pretty nice, too, albeit impractical and very likely to be unusable in a month, unless Capcom just really doesn’t care about Ultimate.

Strider loses the tail of his scarf sometimes, Morrigans hair goes crazy and Nemesis gains an extra tentacle that is connected to/stuck to the top right of the screen.

With the latest patch coming Dec.19, I will try to upload as many videos from the S/M glitch as possible before then, to showcase what you could do beforehand.

I have a new video up featuring the trench coat trio!
Enjoy! :smiley:

This is interesting, because Zero and Spencer’s hair aren’t separate\aux models. It’s like, the game is just dropping parts of the mesh for some reason? I don’t fully understand what this glitch is doing so I can’t be sure why this would happen, but they’re definitely not aux models. Trish’s weapon on the other hand (as with most weapons) is an entirely unique model, so that one makes more sense.

Dante looking kinda suspect with that leather jacket.

Vergil’s and Wesker’s glitch looks cool.

taskmaster lose the cape too… i have tried it

Not what I was hoping for. . . . .