Glitches in Killer Instinct


ShoutOuts to Patches!


How can Orchid without her legs? This’s too strange, but at the same time, funny.


ran into a jago with no forearms (after elbow) and no lower leg (after knees) lol


There are a lot more and you talk like you are able to do them on command which to my knowledge is impossible. Anyway…glitches:

  • **Invisible items **(This is for every character with all skins and accessories. Basically something doesn’t load but you can still play the match)
  • Missing audio (A character’s voice, music, or ambiance sounds will go out during a match or during a replay. Sometimes instinct mode or shadow moves will bring it back.)
  • Double audio (At the end of a match, the audio for the win quote will play twice. Just happened to me today and it was weird hearing 2 Orchid’s talk in unison like twins…twins Basil…twins)
  • Replaying the Victory Screen (After a match, the game will say and display Supreme Victory with letter animations, then it will do it a second time)
  • Drop an ultra, do another (A few times I’ve done an ultra combo, canceled into instinct, ended it but accidentally picked it back up. Not like normal Orchid multiple Ultras. In this bug, the combo finishes, the announcer yells ULTRA, but you pick it back up and do another Ultra(s) and the announce yells Ultra again for a combo that comes out as 0% or -9% damage)
  • Rollback Glitches (Seeing a lockout or counter breaker happen visually and audibly, but rollback takes it away like it never happened and the game goes with the opposite option)
  • Rage Quit, crash game (Had someone rage quit during my victory animation and the game froze forcing me to restart KI but not my console)
  • Rank up/down not accurate (Since the win/loss gains were adjusted, the rank up or down warnings are off most of the time)
  • Offline Play not working sometimes (Sometimes forces you to be connected to the internet and sync cloud data and will not let you play offline)

That’s about all I can think of at the moment.


The double audio is someone who didn’t configure their kinect, so you can hear their TV


The video is a means of having a “Discussion” with viewers about these. That’s why I say at the end of the video “Tell me the glitches you ran into”…
The ones in the video are ones I can do on “command” :slight_smile:


No, this is the audio file playing twice on your Xbox. It is not audio from the other persons Kinect. This person in particular had their mix muted the entire match.


So now I have to ask…how do you reproduce those glitches? I was under the impression that they were random.


Here’s a good one.


This is the last thing DH needed


Not sure if this is confirmed, but an online match that ends in a double KO cant be viewed in replay mode. If you try, it actually crashes the game.
Anyone else have that problem?


The exhibition match achievements are glitched for multiple players, won’t unlock
The character Matchup Achievements are all glitched since the last update as well, won’t unlock
Game occasionally crashing to dashboard when I hit rematch or select character option in exhibition matches, not Battlefield 4 level of bad but happened a few times playing over a few hours.
Game occasionally does not register DLC or combo breaker packs being purchased, this might be from accepting an invite from the X1 dashboard and it’s skipping the “Check downloadable content” load screen, but also happened when the dashboard crash happened, and the Checking DLC screen never came up until I started another game and then restarted KI.
The 150 fight titles achievements are sorta glitchy, but only that you get them way before 150 titles reached. Orchid-126, Sadira-137, Sabrewulf-142, Thunder-136. Jago and Glacius unlocked at 150 a piece after the last update so I guess this is fixed.
The General Master(reach 60 general fight titles) is reported as glitched for many on cheevo websites, not unlocking until more than 60 are titles achieved. 63 for me