Glitches, Issues or Problems in MK9? Report here!


Ok, it would be best off if you can:

  1. Make a video or screen shot of the problem.

  2. If you can post it here, NRS will see it faster: Glitch Reporting

Thank you.


Game froze while attempting to load the Krypt after one run through of ladder play. Loading bar froze at about 75%-80%. Unfortunately I don’t have a screen to accompany this. :\


It has happened to me 3 times too, I just restart my Xbox it fixes it atleast.

Seems to only happen after i’ve been playing ladder or some other gameplay mode for a while then try to go into the krypt.


Mine was having the same problem. Did your game’s come with an instruction manual? Mine only had the Katalog and the online code.


Awesome, I don’t have to make this thread myself.

Anyway, I can’t find my tripod so filming this would be weird, but this is my current issue with the input system:

I use Jade and I’m trying to do a juggle combo with BP,FP, dash BP, FP, dash BP, FP xx shadow kick. Now a lot of the time since the command for her staff grab is d,f + FP that move would come out instead of shadow kick, and I was perplexed until it came to me. This game has negative edge!

For the people who don’t know, negative edge is an input system usually in Capcom games where if you hold the button for a special move, do the the motion, then release where you would normally press the button, the move comes out! But if you don’t do a motion for a special move the normal doesn’t come out! Apparently this “feature” was added to Mortal Kombat as well.

My problem is that Jade has a lot of inputs with d, f (and I’m sure a lot of characters have the same thing, since there are a lot of special moves with similar commands) and for that specific combo in general, I want the shadow kick to push the opponent into the wall. And since the game has a quasi-3D fighting game feel, that negative edge is not necessary for the inputs. This also maybe didn’t come up to certain people due to a lot of testing on pad or maybe American stick, but I’m using my Japanese sanwa stuff so inputs could be a lot more sensitive due to that.

Please tell me if anyone else has an issue with this, and I’ll also put up a video soon to show my inputs to show I’m not crazy! :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah when you do combos to fast moves get messed up. Like with ermac i’ll jump in BP,BP,BP,d,b FP And a fireball comes out instead of the slam cause i press d,b to fast. The old MK’s had negative edge but i never had stuff like this happening.


I don’t know if the problem occurs anywhere else but in the tower, when I check my move list then go back to the game, about 50% of the time it resets my controller preset. I try to switch it back to the preset I like to use (2) but it’s like all of them are reset back to normal.

Frustrating beyond imagination. Have to leave the challenge and go back each time.


-I did Cyrax’s Babality and the game froze.

-Doing Scorpion’s Fatality froze the game after the Fatality had completed.

-When playing Versus Mode, Character X will have their 2nd Fatality locked in the menu(even though I unlocked it). A couple matches later, that same Character will have the 2nd Fatality Unlocked in the Menu.


Mine froze after I did Liu Kangs Babality as well.


I don’t think this is technically negative edge, because then you would have to release the button you were previously holding after inputting the motion. In here, if you do a normal on hit or on block, then quickly input the motion for a special using that same button, the move will come out automatically. In order to prevent this from happening, you must press the button for the special you want before the game reads the automatic one after doing the last normal. Needless to say, this gets pretty annoying for juggles, as it requires quick reflexes, but not as much precision.


I did the training, and one of the missions is “Defeat Sektor”. I kick the crap out of him, but I fail as soon as I take all his life away. WTF?


Was there anything on the bottom right hand corner of the screen above his super meter?


You have to make sure you also use all the moves you were taught in training beforehand. There’s a checklist above Sektor’s super bar.


Cripes, really? I thought they were just a list of the previous challenges. It seems a little too early to get tricky with all three throws in one life bar but I’ll give it a go when I get home. Thanks.


Ok I hope this is the correct place for this…

I’m trying to change the button config for player 2 but for some reason it is only in the default mode.
I’ve changed the presets 1-4 to the same thing and when I select any of those for player 2 it stays in default mode. I know I have to be doing it wrong.

Please help


My multiplayer KODE to play online isn’t saved to gamer profile its saved to the system itself so if you play from a memory card on multiple systems ATM, you need to buy multiple passes? Am I missing something? I’m far from tech illiterate but I just tried this on two boxes and NOTHING.


I really hope I’m missing something… but is the only thing the record/play function capable of doing is… just making a video? It dosen’t actually let you record actions for the dummy and playback against patterns?

If that’s the case, that’s AWFUL.


I have this problem as well. The only way to fix it is to exit to the main menu. Its definitely a bug that needs to be fixed.


game froze during the raiden chapter in story mode where he has to fight 3 zombie fighter without dying on a single health bar. BS if you ask me, especially how hard it was.


PS3 version here. Xrays seem to be experiencing some major slowdown (definitely not normal either). It seems to apply to some Xrays like Smoke’s but not others like Liu Kang’s. Game returns to normal after the Xray ends but it causes Xrays to take way longer than they should.