Hmhmhm…just the other day I went out and played some 3rd strike, and someweird thing happened when facing the CPU (Remy) and I Ryu. Now on 2nd round i deafeted Remy with a standing neutral throw in the corner,the left corner. when remy was pounded on the ground by the throw i attempted too do a crouching short kick and susceeded. But at the same time the kick started too multiply making remy freeze in his slamed too the ground animation and the sk multiplying in turbo sucsession as if in turbo mode, and it looked as if he (ryu) was beating on a bush mainly remys hair looked like a green bush being comboed…but reseted uppun my release of the crouching SK.

Another thing is that with Akuma, on the CAPCOM SUV.

when standing next to it executing a high jump over the suv&throwing an air fireball in the air right above it the fireball travels but doesn’t hit the Suv but the scrap in the background.


Yet another Glitch!
Ken vs Makoto
Last night using ken I decided too practice my kara throwing with him. attempting a kara throw and susceeding with his grab&knee aka.“Give me some Head’s b****!” grab. attempting to score more hits up to 6. the game froze. Black screen and all.

Note all glitches to be on the Import coin up machine.