glitchy 100%

ok here’s the deal…sometimes I’ve noticed that when doing the second uppercut for the 100, I get a strong dash punch the other way when I’m using the jab button…weird, maybe stored the strong button press when I kara-fukiage w/strong earlier…

the thing is this only happens sometimes, but consistently in each set period…so my question was does this work on only a specific version, on 360s or opposite, or if it’s just my crappy execution

I dunno about that but I’ve been meaning to tell you that you have a cool SRK screen name. I wish I thought of it first.

it’s a fault of the port, go try it in the arcade the exact same way, and it should come out flawlessly.

I’ve had it happen in the arcade as well, but only on certain machines…so that’s why I was wondering if it was based on the type of machine or board or stick or whatever…I’m not really sure

lol dont you hate when that happens.