So Whats Up Street Fighter Fans! I’m not a pro nor claiming to be one but I do play SSFIV on PS3 with a crossover battle adapter because I hate the PS3 Controller but anyway, check my vids! and then Find me to play me!

O and what do I need to improve if yall are better than me lol

You realize there are more buttons than PPP and KKK right?

Stop using 3xP and 3xK for everything, if you land a jumping roundhouse, go for a hit confirm for bigger damage then a sweep…for a start. Learn to use your normal attacks, and what the optimal use is for each one.

Check the SSF4 character forum for Ryu, look at the sticked threads for important info.

This should definitely be moved to the newbie forum…

At any rate, as has been stated, the 3P and 3K buttons are not the way to go for everything. This game is way more tailored for jabbing into stuff.

When you get knocked down, dial down the wake-up uppercuts. That Ken baited you many times.

As Ryu, you have the advantage in a fireball war over Ken. Even with that though, you gotta be more careful.

Oh, and random ultras get you killed.

lol turbo

Please be a troll…


oh and btw you look like one of those random guys online that i get extremely pissed off facing as they think random dp + jumping like a madman = a win, newsflash : it doesnt :confused:

and the fact you got 3k+ bp is a testament to the game that grinding = high levels. pssh

I bet his PP is small… seriously, best pun/innuendo EVAR.

^ a legend my good sir, a legend.

I just realised i sounded like a dick lol, sorry :stuck_out_tongue: just practice more and watch vids of people play, theres no need to jump so much and be so scrubby >:3

Yeah I agree with the 3xP and 3xK buttons being used, I’ll stop doing that. and my PP is over 3K so I guess that could be higher as Well. But with all the people saying to watch other people, its not that important, and I dont think jumping is scrubbing…all the vids you watched, ya’ll watched me Win. and they are counters to my jumping but I do now I take alot of hits for that but ehhhh I’ll take that chance. I agree the Ultra was super random too but kinda just gave up on that round cuz I was frustrated.

Remember, I play this all for fun, dont take it serious like I do Madden and NCAA football and Forza but for fun but I do still wanna win

Thanks for the comments however

ryu has many many great uses for EX meter

EX fireball megates focus and armor moves
EX Tatsu in the corner sets up many options
Super is a very very fast punish and changes the matchup drastically once Ryu gets 4 bars against Blanka Balrog and others
2 bars makes people second guess what to do when you wakeup bc of FADC

In short, by using 3p and 3k’s, you are are bypassing many of these great options since you instantly use EX.

meter is your baby, you have to take care of it and manage it
use it thouhgtfully

good luck

do not want

Talking smack through the mic, then booting the person when you lose after you guaruntee your win on the mic will not make you better lol

you must be new to these forums

Nah, I played him the other day now that I remember, it’s crazy to run into people you were randomly playing. He was really good though

Shut-Up! lololol Nah If I remember you were good with everyone, were you the Gouken killn’ me and that Fei? If so you see how I play, I play for fun and like talking sh*t it makes it better sometimes lol Good Game tho

? HuH? I don’t use turbo at all, I just have that adapter to be able to use the xbox 360 Controller, never use turbo, you can look at my input data too. With that xbox controller to I can win a fireball war which I should but sometimes with that adapter and the controller doesnt register correctly so I will do a stupid punch but whatever