Glorifying Fighting games more than they deserve,

Glorifying some Fighting games more than they deserve, Tekken and some others, like Soul Calibur.
I know that a small handful of people enjoy Tekken, I know that many many more Tried.
The characters are bad and the animations are horrible. everyone played horribly similar, Duck kicking, left and right punch.

This thread isn’t to bash games. those games were “roughly decent”.
There are exceptions of course, Street Fighter IV pushed its tech in alot of areas, bringing unique character gameplay with all kinds of variation, like that idiot el feurte, he might be annoying… but you have to admit… he has style and a real unique gameplay.

I’m not bashing Tekken, I’m sure if I tried really hard, I could find something interesting about it (besides the dull characters).

If the companies arn’t going to put any real effort into their product, make something interesting, they shouldnt be glorified, lol.

I just purchased Tekken 6. I tried a few times to get into it, I would have given it away for free, but luckly GameXChange gave me 6 bucks for it.

I’d love to see Tekken taken to the next level, but tbh they don’t look any more advanced or any more fun in SFXTekken. I’ll try again, even harder this time, to get into a few of the characters.

They deserve to be glorified if they bring something interesting to the mix. But there is a reason that only a small handful of people played Tekken.

Am I wrong? Did tekken bring anything interesting, that I missed? besides the horrible characters with bland punch kick moves? The Gameplay was really dull, Joust out, Rush back in and Mash combos.

I think my only point is, maybe if more producers got laughed at, they would slow down and think “yea… we really have to put in more effort into the design, if we want any respect”.

The one gimmic Tekken had, which was so boring in Tekken, makes SFxTekken look fun, Juggling. although a bit stronger of a parry system might , MIGHT be interesting in the mix also.

Can’t you just put this in a fucking blog? You know, those things where people pour their hearts about shit, that nobody reads anyway? Do that next time.

If you’re gonna play favorites, you couldn’t have picked a worse game to do it with.

  1. Nobody cares

  2. Too many people these days take video games in general too seriously; they’re just games

I’m sure some feel sf4 is just as bad

Rofl @ acting like General topic forums arnt for random General @#$, related to the forum section at hand.
Yea, of course there will always be people that disagree with every choice / option on earth. otherwise we wouldnt have gay people and beastiality. @ SFZero2.

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Hay is for horses guys.
Forums are for discussions. Discussions are roughly 50 percent opinion and 50 percent fact : )
you’ve been halped.

I told you this on unity and I’ll tell you again. Just because you don’t like something, or don’t bother to do any research on it doesn’t make it bad or dull. Tekken is consistently ranked more popular in Japanese arcades than Street Fighter 4.

Tekken and Virtua Fighter are distinctly Japanese in terms of popularity. Just like Marvel is FAR more popular in the USA than in Japan.

Also I’m not 100% certain on this but I believe that Tekken was the first fighting game to introduce TRUE throw teching. ST had the ability to reduce throw damage via teching but I believe 1994s Tekken created the standard throw tech breakaway system. Also I think that Tekken created the Tech Roll wakeup system (something not used in SF but seen in a number of other fighting games including Marvel)

What brings you to this neck of the woods, bro? Complaining on Unity not enough for you? =\

Why don’t you actually play Tekken in-depth before you talk about it “not being advanced”?

KOF had tech rolling in it before, didn’t it?

I tried to get in to it a few times, since almost 20 years ago when I first started seing it at the arcades.
The “joust out, run in and mash” just didnt do it for me.
I tried half a dozen times over the years, just like everyone else I know. Im sure some people enjoyed it, I just couldnt get past how dull most of the attacks were, everyone had the same boring duck attacks and jabs.
The characters were so bad, that I just couldnt get into it.
I just bought it again recently, and tried again in fact.

I’ve never seen large rooms full of crouds watching Tekken matches anywhere on youtube.
no where even close to what sf4 is pulling in these days.
Im sure there were years in the past where it outsold, or was more popular at the moment. during some of the boring years.
But I havent seen anything even remotely close from it lately.
your argument is basically “well in one country its more popular”.
Well if I lived in that country, I might be more inclined to note the trivial detail.
I dont think tekkens filling up tournaments left and right all year long across multipul countries.
And for a reason, its comparatively dull. (Yea, im sure a few disagree). I guess…

My only point is… the design is horribly dull. lets push the devs to improve, instead of glorifying their half baked games.
You will never convince me that their character designs are horibad.

the entire cast is dull looking, all of their “combos” are dull looking. thats all there is to it. I didnt mean to bash.
the game is just far from glory imo.

Aren’t you the same guy who complains about every other little thing in Unity, just because you can’t man up and overcome it?

I have a habit of teasing shortcomings and pushing for excellence. If I ran a company, I would demand nothing less.
(I Guess they were just satisfied with those lame characters during design… I guess thats just the best they could do.)
Reguardless, if my teasing is going to make you emotional, may as well skip my posts. (internets not running out of space).
opinions are like grassholes, im not going to tear up and emo if you guys express your opinions in your own random threads.

I dunno, I actually have to thank you for giving us so much comedy to laugh at in the Scrubquotes thread.

D3v over there likes to think and speak like that.
so not only as have his assumptions made an ass out of him, apparently its contagious or believeable.

Just because you bring up a less than perfect aspect of something, doesnt mean you havent conquered the issue.
Carefull assuming. /shrug.

Being high and mighty about @#$ because your a little better is kinda fail a$$ useless regardless.
I don’t see either of these guys pulling tournament victories out of anything either.

Tekken being dull to you does not mean that it needs “improving”.

And mashing in Tekken, or any fighter, gets you killed mercilessly against people who actually know what they’re doing.

And, for future reference, flame-baiting threads like these tend not to last as long here as they do on Unity.

I share the opinion that Tekken and SC kind of have boring character designs. On the other hand SF4 and SSF4’s new characters are pretty darn uninspired or unappealing to me as well.

Also I know that nobody gives a shit about my opinions so why would I post about it?

What can I say, some little girls like games that can be won in one shot.
some people think thats dull as fk : )

The guy who complains about anything and everything like he’s on his period is calling us girls. :rofl: