Gloves for D-Pad? (thumb pain)

Hardcore Pad Warrior here asking if anyone has any suggestions to stop thumb pain after hours of pad use. Like maybe gloves or different ways of holding the pad…?

Also don’t say switch to stick because that is not an option

Grease or sweat works good.

Get in the habit of not pressing so hard.

I’m not sure how hard you are pressing the buttons man, but you’ve got to ease up a little. Personally, if you wear some gloves, it may throw off your abilities a bit, due to the new “traction” and everything, so I’m not so hard up on suggesting that. I’m well aware that comparative stories never help anything, but I play for hours on end with my pad and I never experience any thumb pain. The only way I experience even a slight inkling of pain is if I play BB:CS and I use Makoto Nanaya. For some reason, I press hella hard on the buttons trying to get her moves to come out and it’s not needed.

You could possibly be pressing the buttons too hard and not even realizing it. I’d just suggest not jamming on the buttons so hard. You may even have to play for a while and concentrate on how you’re doing your presses to see if you can “hold back” the pressure a little. Do you get blisters often?

Yea, I do press pretty hard. I guess its force of habit from back in the snes days. I need to relax…

Edit: yes I do get blisters often…im just to rough with my input action…

It’s not like your thumb is hurting because you’re cutting it open on the buttons…it’s probably sore from pressing too hard. That’s muscle ache, and it’s not going to be helped by wearing gloves. Hell, you might end up pressing harder because you can’t feel the pad directly.

Hit the gym.

As I see it.

Keep playing… your thumb will blister, then callous, then it won’t hurt anymore. (on the downside, the I switched to a stick 4 months ago, and my d-pad callous still hasn’t gone away).

Buy a stick. No seriously. Buy a stick.

Quit going nuts on the controller. Damn. most of us learned not to press buttons too hard before we actually hit our teen years. In my case, I HAD to: Atari controllers broke easy.

rarely have this problem when I play on the DS or the PS3’s d-pad. I have had blisters from the SNES and PS1 and PS2 pad though, they were either rough, or the smooth face mixed with a tad bit of moisture created squeaky clean roughness (like tires on tarmac)… I have gotten the squeaky feel on the ds3 once when my hands sweat a lot more than usual. But for the most part I don’t get that now that the d-pads aren’t so stiff. Gloves just makes my thumbs cover for surface area making my execution feel more clunky.

Actually I was having this same problem over Christmas break. I’ve never had finger pain before, and I’ve been playing for years, but this time was different because I was free to play all day, and I did so for hours without breaks. All I can say is lighten up on your play time a bit. That will even help you come back to the game with a fresh perspective.

No that won’t help. I just started going to the gym, and I’m getting calluses on my palms from curls and pull ups. I brought gloves, but whenever I do remember to bring them they only lessen the physical stress on my hands, not prevent it. This is a little conincidental because I went to the gym to get sexy, but without my soft hands my sex life has been terrible (it’s a shame when you don’t even want to touch yourself anymore.)

:rofl: I lol’ed hard