Glue to secure wires on a controller hack


I know hot glue is the time tested champ but what else? that wouldn’t be so messy and might have me accidentally break some soldered connections while attempting to apply glue to other solder points?

google only has people gluing stuff to their motherboard like heatsinks and that doesn’t really apply here (super glue and such).

If there isn’t one then I’ll stick with hot glue but just looking for alternitives.


When i worked at an pro audio shop assembling boards we used silicone glue, it applies cold and less chance of injury but dries a little slower.


I’ve seen someone mention they used super glue in favor of hot glue. I personally like hot glue because it will come off with a little effort. I doubt the same can be said for super glue.


Yea, the fact that it holds well but is easy to pop off for repairs if needed wins it in my book