GMC on ggpo


Hey that would be cool to play that game, err


I’m all for this homie but I think I should tell you that

A. you can’t link roms here cause you’ll get banned

B. that save state trick is considered a hack on GGPO and looked down upon by P dawg

C. there is no C. its just a and b


pm me. I want it.


Works fine. The speed is a bit better than the regular ST on ggpo, closer to the japanese arcade version (which makes sense, of course).


send me the link on a pm wolmar, please!


Well it looks like we are allowed to use the save states to play any other games supported by FBA on GGPO now so post up that save state so we all use the same save state? Also, if you use a save state where all the characters have already been beaten, I think the stages cycle more or at least cycle through the stages of the characters you are using at the moment.


This is true. I’d rather have a save state at Rog’s stage, though! That’s just… BOSSLIKE!


If you’ve beaten all the characters the stage will be the “challenger”'s stage …