GMMA Presents: Mashfest 2 (SSF4, T6, TvC, Brawl) August 14th, 2010

It will be a BYOC (Bring Your Own Controller). Sadly, people take controllers and arcade sticks that don’t belong to them sometimes so it’s recommended you bring your own and keep an eye on it. If it is your first tournament, read over the rules carefully and post up any questions you have. If you keep in contact with the TOs (Me and McClusky), we will work w/you if you have any problems.


Can I use a XBox to PS3 converter.

Yes you may use one, if you have one.

Kyle, for Soul Calibur 4, please edit that Algol/Hilde are banned when you have time, thank you.

melee side event?


seal of approval!!!

You’re welcome to try to host it, but I may have to use the TV to finish our main tournaments instead.

PLEASE read the first page, the venue has changed from San Antonio to Dallas. Dallas was able to offer more than due to zero venue fee and much more setups. We had to overcome a LOT of obstacles (sponsors not being reliable, etc) and we would have to pay too much out of pocket to keep this in san antonio. Hopefully those that are coming will still come and even more people can attend with such a massive venue. Please call me or PM me with any questions.

More updates to come.

update 1st page with website to quakecon and change of address. just an fyi

Realtalk someone post the new info, i already took off work (and im not looking for sympathy) and dallas isnt a day trip, buy far.

Question on Controllers

Can you clarify info on game pads

Can you bring your own controller? Does it have to be standard ps3 controller? Can you change button layout before match?


Everybody please refer to the new thread for Quakecon/Mashfest