GNG Championships 8/14/2010 Results


Thanks to everyone who attended the event. We had almost 200 people at the event and plan on doing these throughout the year so stay tuned. Thanks again!!

KOF 98

1: dirtywerk
2: desmond d
3: Tones
4: digimonemporer
5: curtis perks
5: jordan
7: joker

Super Street Fighter HD Remix

1: wes
2: tahir
3: munny
4: shogun
5: gng phenon
5: Tones
7: leon tyus
7: curtis perks
9: sonicboom

Tekken 6

1: digimonemporer (how the hell did this happen =/)
2: izzy
3: Tones
4: xx_von_xx
5: tizight
5: Jake
7: l.o.p…e
7: dillonle
9: jordan
9: cooking mama

Capcom vs Snk 2

1: wes
2: medicine horse
3: tahir
4: shogun
5: sonicboom
5: digimonemporer (sacrificed himself to run brackets)
7: Jake
7: gng phenon
9: manuel
9: curtis perks
13: casanova


1: jordan
2: izzy
3: gabe t
4: sainonly
5: Christian
5: gng phenon
7: unarmed ninja
7: medicine horse
9: cooking mama
9: digimonemporer (had to sacrafice self to run brackets :frowning: )
9: fister roboto
9: fried spam
13: solsounder
13: ngamer
13: zero
13: dillion
17: jared guerra
17: curtis perks
17: kamig
25: akakaze

KOF 12

1: Tones!!

Completed results will be posted in future

GG XX Accent Core

1: izzy
2: shogun
3: web weaver
4: cooking mama
5: desmond d
5: jordan
7: josh swanson
7: medicine horse
9: kamig


1: Cooking MAMA!!!

Completed results will be posted in future.

**3rd Strike **

1: martian g.
2: mr ice
3: medicine horse
4: tahir
5: curtis perks
5: shogun
7: manuel
7: arsenal
9: Jake
9: Sago
9: desmond d
9: farbeyonddeath
13: gng phenon
13: sonicboom

Super Street Figther 4!!!

1: ogrebait
2: sonicboom
3: ladramadon
4: ben chandler
5: web weaver
5: desmond d
7: thomas thiher
7: madwak
9: xx_von_xx
9: david
9: munny
9: medicine horse
13: kodi saingmo
13: matt nice
13: TS
13: l.o.p…e
17: mr ice
17: jack of spades
17: pricey mc pricington
17: jamie wachlin
17: ilikepizza
17: shey m
17: curtis perks
17: feng
25: Tones
25: digimonemporer (game SUCKS!!!)
25: izzy
25: zoo
25: sugarbear
25: meister wiederholt
25: martian g.
25: casanova
33: choppie-choppie
33: shogun
33: tahir
33: gng phenon
33: ngamer
33: m mn element
33: Jake
33: alex harris
33: jared guerra
33: funk que
33: farbeyonddeath
33: shin wolverine
33: dave
33: jake laqua
33: vince
33: dillion
49: arsenal
49: rave pulse
49: the big killa
49: sean gleason
49: mikey
49: leon tyus
49: poopon3rdstrike
49: dillonle
49: pedro
49: chew
49: gohper
49: jordan
49: zero
49: josh swanson
49: gelen
65: Disciple
65: danfouts

3rd Strike

1: martian g.
2: mr ice
3: medicine horse
4: tahir
5: curtis perks
5: shogun
7: manuel
7: arsenal
9: Jake
9: Sago
9: desmond d
9: farbeyonddeath
13: gng phenon
13: sonicboom

Shooters Completed results in the future

Halo Singles

1: Tim Ischaloz
2: Tim


1: BBballin
2: brandon koss
3: walters

Gears Singles

1: Mike
1: Walters

Halo 3 Doubles

1: incorporator
2: try hard
3: go to sleep

Gears 2 Doubles

1: Team Gene
2: Party Bunnies


**SSBB Doubles **

1: 3ft 6 killa and the thrilla from vanilla (darshall + grimace)
2: we ? wimn (sago + moe)
3: wifi warriors (nappy + debom)
4: grimace thinks his balls sweat, taste like chocolate milk & lobster (north dakota norman + dyluanius rex)
5: metalgear story (ngamer + joker)
5: 6pak (d-pak + sin242)
7: Welcome to Tokyo *****! (Disciple + Ogbot)
7: pls kingzzzzzzzzzz (near + neal)
9: technicians of chaos (loki + epic)
9: kirbstomp (tripple r + breezy)
9: rusty t’s (megan fox + haxor)
9: sux my toes (young cheezy + vegeta)
13: krakencrumbs (kraken bean + crumbs?)
13: idk (duo + santa)
13: 1 pro 1 scrub (kodi + dan)

SSBB Singles

1: north dakota norman
2: Minnesota Moe)
3: Joker
4: marshalldarshall
5: Triple R
5: yoshq
7: sin424
7: Dr. Shakalu…
9: Chexr
9: Disciple
9: Kjellnappy
9: ngamer
13: Tony oy
13: santa
13: duo
13: Breezy
17: Haxor
17: danfouts
17: clouse2
17: blue
17: grimace
17: Derrek
17: near
17: .Loki
25: Jake
25: Rums
25: kraken bean
25: epic
25: kodi saingmo

**SSBM Doubles **

1: domestic violence awareness squad
2: don’t play yoshi
3: 17spikes&PEACHES_
4: 2 hatch muta rush
5: dylaniusrex + young cheezies
5: d-pak + fluxwolf
7: ghana
7: purple pencil in my butt
9: the pizza luverz
9: herold + kumar
9: little johnz
9: dem ice climbers
13: td + superderob
13: bad b.o

Melee Singles will be updated soon Thanks!!

Congratulations to all the winners. =D Hope to see you all at the next event.


man great tournament. thanks everyone for their support. i definitely had a great time. it was very fun hanging out with gene & his wonderful wife (her pancakes are most glorious in the WORLD!!!), the gng staff, and all the participants for the tournament.

i heart u all, very very much. :lovin:

ssf4 had a incredible turnout, over 60+ players. wow.

bbcs was pretty popular too with 20 players.

kof 98 had a surprising turnout of 7 players. :lol:

everything was just fun fun fun!!!

hope people enjoyed the stream. we tried the best we could. thanks desmond for getting that squared away.

thanks to all the MN locals who supported. and ESPECIALLY all the OOS players who made the trip. we thank your dedication.

this tournament was variety at it’s best. over 20+ games ran in one day. and technically we finished on time (hrs. were 10am - 4am).

i’m VERY pleased.

hope to see you all at Games N Go: Championships: DUCE!!! :encore:


Also, Garou round robin results:

  1. Mike Medicinehorse
  2. Izzy
  3. Stefan
  4. Jordan
  5. Tones

Thanks to Gene, Webster and the other GnG staff who made this happen. Besides the power issues and running a bit on the late side (which is expected), this event went pretty smoothly.


A big thanks goes out Gene and the GnG crew for throwing such a great event, Webster for lending a BIG hand, and Desmond for the stream. It was greating seeming everyone again. Tones gets a special mention for the silver bullets and Tahir for the A2 matches and of course bringing the medals yet again (thanks).
What’s the deal with the crazy SF4 results? Who is Ogrebait and who did he play?

GGz all-



Ogrebait plays Honda. He’s from Menomonie, WI. Both he and his roommate, Ladramadon, did quite well at the La Crosse tournament and the last regular GnG tourney.


This tourney was great, big props to the TOs and all the players that attended the event!

A BIG special thanks to the massage therapists (Tiffany M. and Brooke) that helped loosen up a few of the players with incredible massages! I’ve never been to a tourney that offered that, brilliant idea, IMO.

You can peep all the recorded stream vids here: GNG Championships on USTREAM: games n go championships, major tournament held in Minnesota. Playstation

Just scroll down a lil bit to scroll and select a video to watch. The stream was looking great earlier in the morning but the upload speed from the wifi got WORST toward the end of the day. We also streamed 3rd Strike and BlazBlue CS but I forgot to record them bitches, same with a few Melty Blood matches, my apologies. Next time we will try to find a way to capture two games once (for there wont be idle time/pause screens leaving viewers hanging), a good rotation of commentators, name titles saved on the videos, and all that good stuff!

Big props to sonicBOOM for the really cool t-shirts!

As far as getting 5th in SSF4, I don’t know how I did it, I came into it not caring or giving a fuck, so I guess that made me play better, hahaha. I almost didn’t sign up for it.

I’m having trouble leveling up in Melty Blood cuz no one wants to play with me regularly.:sad:

KOF, 3S, and GGXXAC? I got my ass whipped. I’ll train harder for next time. For those that entered in KOF98UM, please, please keep playing! I was hella surprised by that turnout, and we could’ve gotten more if cookingmama and two others that played would’ve signed up!!!

GNGC II? Hell yeah, let’s do it!


Can we get high rez on some of the brackets? They’re hella blurry.


Good stuff to the winners.


If only this wasnt a nearly 10 hour drive for me I would like to check out MN someday.


Are there TvC results?



Fun times. Great seeing all you MN guys again (and, of course, you too webbie) and ggs to everyone.

Des - Good job working that stream. Hopefully we can get it on the front page next time. Score’s now 1-1… we settling this shit next time!

Izzy & Jordan - GGs in gg. Thanks for giving me a reason to get back into the game. Looking forward to running that shit back.

And to all of you, ggs in MBAA. Glad to know there’s interest in MN and I’m really looking forward to playing you guys again.



I’ve been top 3 at the last 3 tournaments I’ve been to. Still haven’t gotten first at any of them. I gotta work on my game.


Good games to everyone. Thank you, Gene, for hosting this event. It would have been a shame if this hadn’t happened, but the spirit of Minnesota Meltdown lives on in another form. I’m surprised I did so well in CvS2… I’ve never beaten Stefan in that game, ever, not even in casuals, and I almost beat Big Mike. It’s a shame that it doesn’t get played anymore (that goes in general for the old games, which is why it was so great to play them again).

Shout outs to the Iowa and Wisconsin players for coming out.

Looks like you’re missing MvC2 and TvC results. If I recall, this is how they were:

MvC2 (6 people)

  1. Martin G.
  2. TJMystic
  3. Izzy
  4. Farbeyonddeath
    T5. MadWak
    T5. Tahir

TvC (8 or 9 people)

  1. Izzy
  2. Jordan
    …can’t remember the rest


Thanks, actually the stream notice popped up a little after the KOF98UM (A GAME YOU SHOULD HAVE ENTERED) tourney started, so that’s why we had more than 20 or 30 people during the whole tourney.

As far as MB:AA, I’m strongly considering dropping that game because I’m having trouble getting a hang of it and I rarely play against people seriously in that (Izzy, Jordan, Clear Sky) and everyone is scared to play it. Damn shame huh? We damn near got more KOF players than MB players and I play that more reguarly cuz ppl wanna play it. So, I got some thinking to do!

I’ll get you next time GG, May is going down, fuck j.2H or whatever the fuck that move was. :smokin:


Shoutout to Izzy for destroying me in TvC. I’ll try to get better for next time lol.


HYPE is banned!

Had a lot of fun! Great tourney guys, hopefully we’ll be able to come to more and maybe return the favor.