GnG KoF 2k3 Results 08/27/05

Gamers nite Groove at Yellow Rat Bastard
I know most of you dont care…Too bad shut up deal with it
King of Fighters 2003 Tourney

1st place: Max
2nd Place: Adam(not sure if this is his name couldnt understand the MC)
Tie for third: Flash Gordon/(unknown i missed this match)
Tie for 5th: Myself and Hekron(R…)

Match of the Night:
People keep saying it was Me vs Uri/Me vs Valentino
Who am I to Disagree

Props to:
Flash gordon who played 2k3 for the first time today and got final 4

Tia: who also never played and managed to not get eliminated in the first round

Akuma: I hate to toot my own horn but in this case I will as to make it to the Semis I had to play and defeat both people who taught me kof

Someone else will post with better results…maybe

that was the best random tournment ever :tup:. I was the first match which was the best match but I lost to my friend Ron. oh well at least It wasnt a lame tournment.

Good Shit SNK :tup:

this was the prerelease event right?

Does that mean tuesday is finally the release date?

well what teams were used? yesh :lame: that i have to ask!

The very first SNK sponsored event and it was held in New York!
NYC baby!! :party: :clap: woooot!!!

Yo Akuma let me know if you and everyone else at CF is interested indoing a 2K3 tournament on the 23rd tournament! Let everyone get a little redemption, with standard tournament rules!

so how many people actually attended?

I got the brackets so I will get the top 5 results for you all in a bit. Just checking somethings first.

About 100 people attended. (No joke) 60 plus people wanted to play in the tournament…but it got dropped to a 35 man tournament (For damn sure no joke) and be ready for some hardcore SNK events in the future. Believe that!

well that sounds good considering it was announced even on the official snk forums and all over.

last question: what was the grand prize?

This tournament outdid the KOF tourney at evo. lol

Another 2k3 tourney? hell yeah count me in

someone asked teams

everyone picked randomly…but

Top used

1: Kyo
2: Iori
3: Joe (omg wtf?)
4: Ash Crimson
you really expected kyo/iori to not make top 2?
What? no du-lon?
nope no du-lon only Hekron played Du-lon he then droped du for gato

(random challenge) no9176 hugo shodown friday…do you accept?

-stares at his av- god…i need a new one…i dont even play that damn game anymore

King of Fighters 2003:

1st - Max (China Town Fair)
2nd - Adam
3rd - Ralph
4th - Flash (Empire)
5th - Derick
5th - Peter “The Akuma” (Empire)

Thats top 5, didn’t want to get into top 10 and all. Anyway…I’m working on something where we can do something big with KOF since we have SNK’s interest. I will let you guys know something when it comes up. Oh…also there is a “Great” chance of a KOF tournament at M4. Yes…with cash prizes like the rest.

I really suck at 3s, and everyone at ctf kicks my ass in that game. I stick to ST and CvS2.

besides, no way i could make it friday because i start classes then.

I hope.

No, noone recorded anything. The event really wasnt that serious as it was single elimination/1 game all the way through. The tournament wasn’t anywhere near the quality of Evo (regarding player skill.) but it was a hell of a lot bigger.

Post report writeup is here:

~Born to Play~

Actually Arturo, GNG had their cam crew there. No they did not get footage of the tournament SRK style where you can watch a whole match but they did cover the event as a whole. I just have to find out from GNG when they may put that video out.

Dont worry about play quality…for the next one I actually have been getting practice time in…no more miss animations from me…PERIOD

jeron problem is with the 23rd tourney i dont think henry has 2k3 last i saw it he broke it trying to cram it into the MS SNK cab instead of leaving it in the stand alone (the game is too big to go into the multi-slot cabinet and thus burned out) so ill see what i can do…2k3 might be a laptop tourney…like we did with breakers 2 fridays ago

lol wow a laptop tourney. POOR!!!