Go Buy Sinestro Corps!

Don’t hesitate, don’t think about it, DO IT NOW.

if you don’t, you will regret it later, I’m serious.

I can’t stress this enough, this is gonna be DC’s Hottest Book for quite some time.

three HUGE HOLY SHIT moments, just amazing…absolutely FLOORED me.

It’s worth the $5 price tag, and more. I ain’t shitting you.

Holy Shit Moment #1


Superboy Prime has been broken out of his prison

Holy Shit Moment #2


Sinestro turns Kyle into Parallax

Holy Shit Moment #3


The Anti Monitor is back, and Sinestro controls Him, Superboy Prime, Cyborg Superman, the Manhunters, AND the Sinestro Corps, and they’re fucking PISSED!

holy fuckin shit…

dum dum dummmmm

dc is where its at…the return of the true flash and this damnnnn.

The local shop in Greensboro sold out all 100 copies of it. Was pissed when I got there. Had a friend pick it up in Raleigh, I’ll see him Tuesday so all’s good.
Thankfully the girl who got me into comics loved Green Lanterns…

Yes I can say it is very good, though I wonder is Sinestro Corps going to eventually get their own line for awhile? A mini maybe? Or will it all unfold in Green Lantern?

if the broken one is involved i expect a mini that spawns into a dc universe crossover.

those are not some b level villains.

This whole thing has “EPIC!” written all over it.

shimmy over to DCCOMICS.COM, and take a peek at the cover for GLC #15, that looks like it’s gonna be interesting, and if I wasn’t already subscribed to the book, that cover alone would make me take a peek inside!

More Potential Soldiers


Sinestro also presumably controls the Qwardians as well, but, he seems more content to kill them for his own amusement, than to recruit them as any sort of cannon fodder, but then, Qwardians always came off as a bit cowardly to me, so I don’t know if they’d be any more useful than as a release for Sinestro’s more capable soldiers.

Fuck World War Hulk, you want an epic green menace from space, you better be reading GL!

it’s been sold out of 3 stores i went to lol. won’t be able to grab it until wednesday.

Well, it’s completely fucking awesome, and completely worth the money.

The book is awesome. So awesome my job sold out of it on the day it was released. I think they’re gonna do a second printing, so for those who missed out, there’s salvation for you still :slight_smile:

Yeah, the second printing has kind of a big spoiler on the cover.


It has Kyle as Parallax in place of Sinestro. The dumb thing is it still shows Kyle up top with a spike through his chest like in the original cover[/details]

Glad I got the Sinestro Cover, that doesn’t spoil anything, then.

that image is burned into my brain, Van Sciver is a genius (of course I’m an Impulse fan, so I recognized the Genius back when he was pencilling that!)

your bias towards dc has nothing to do with that statement right?

Just read it this morning.

Frickin Sweet

[details=Spoiler]In blackest day, in brightest night
Beware your fears made into light
Let those who try to stop what’s right
Burn like my power


actually, that was just me geeking out a bit.

I still think WWHulk is gonna be badass, and plan on reading it myself, but all DC Bias aside, SCorps still fucking rocks.

and that’s coming from an ardent hater of Hal Jordan.

What? How can you be SRK’s DC Poster Boy and hate Hal Jordan? Isn’t Hal the Sacred Cow of DC Comics? Wasn’t the reason why superhero comics sucked in the '90s because they messed up Hal? I’m shocked. YOU SKRULL!!!

You know what? I never really put two and two together. Hal dies, comics go into a dark period. Wow. Makes sense. Thank you, Zephy.

And yeah, how can you hate Hal Jordan? He’s ten times the mack Kyle will never be.

Sinestro Corps


And according to Sinestro Corps #1, he will NEVER EVER be.

This kicked ass. Finally got to read it.


I’m a 90s fan.

look at all my favorite characters. They’re the 90s characters who survived. (At least until now…most of 'em are dead).

I just ain’t that big on the Superfriends, and I certainly don’t worship them like some of the big-names at DC seem wont to do.

as for all the Kyle Bashing: People try to go right for that jugular when they find out I’m not a Hal fan, but y’know what?, I’m not a Kyle fan either!, I’m a Guy Gardner fan.

Damn man I almost fell out of my chair laughing at that! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: