GO FOR BROKE 1.0 - SSFIV/T6/PS2 @ RJ's 1/8/2011


SSFIV (14 entrants)
1: Rex0r
2: Big DIck Fuerte
3: Hall Hawk
4: Nobody
5: Mr. K
5: TJ Ramen Noodle
7: Sleep
7: Peaceful
9: Cesar
9: Q
9: Spinks
9: Zack
13: Psychoshoot
13: Milk

Tekken 6 Round Robin (4 entrants)
1: Outlaw Star
2: Kenny
3: Blackbear

Power Stone 2 (5 Entrants)
1: Hall Hawk
2: Cesar
4: Blackbear
5: Jake

Shoutouts and such to come later.


Shout outs to Nobody sending me too loser.

Shout outs to Mr K took me out of losers with his seth. I need to learn that match up.

Shout outs to RJ’s for hosting the event. I had a good time actually fighting people offline. I hope to c you all at James town mall on the 15th Till them ill be training…


Anyone missing a PS3 TE?


apologies if ppl take this the wrong way. fair warning now that it isnt.

big props at #2. disappointed at #4 and 5’s. mostly at #4. says he plateaued and yet fell very short. oh well. guess it happens


gj my son!..:woot:


I agree I’m very disappointed in blackbear,step yo Powa Stone 2 game up son! :annoy:

any vidz? :confused:


Disappointed in my self too :shake:

no more hanging out at late hours before a tournament.


Just don’t miss the elevator…or else you’ll be sorry…


There’s a local gamestore called Gamebusters in O’Fallon that’s kind of like a privately owned version of slackers. They’ve got a couple casual street fighter players that hang out there. I dont think they’re all that great, but it might be worth talking to the staff and seeing if you can drop off some fliers or something.


PowerStone 1 is where its at guys cmon! :frowning:


what makes ps1 so pringlez? :confused:


Nice writing, Thanks for your effort!