Go for broke

MvC3 is coming out soon, how many people here think that going to tournaments is a good idea or not worth it? To those who went SSF4 tournaments, was it worth it? What difference do you expect there to be and or how do you perceive such things?

Not really time, just how much effort your willing to put in a match. Though it takes time to learn situations. Well it’s not like I’m some game guru or anything.

Hm. For me, I can pick a definitive answer from those. The way I was with SSFIV, I played it online a lot. It was only up until last November when i got into the tournament scene. Since then I’ve been to a lot. I go to just about every one that I can. I think I’ll be doing the same with MvC3, but not necessarily to beat everyone and claim my prize, but to see my progress as a Marvel player (I’m ass at MvC2 but I believe if I put in the time for MvC3 from day one I can be pretty good).

If you care about getting better at the game, go to tournaments.