GO HARD or GO HOME! Bi-Weekly SF4 Tournament Sunday April 19, 2009

Hosted By Elijah

Sunday April 19, 2009

Location: Play&Trade
2042A Sunrise Highway
Bay Shore, NY 11706

Directions: Its in the Pathmark Shopping Center
of the Sunrise Highway Service Road, you cant miss it.
If u comming from the City you can take Montauk Branch, get of at Bayshore
Call anyone from the contact list to get picked up from there.

Contact Info: Elijah’s cell (631) 838-5238
Play and Trade (631) 206-3200 Ask for rich
Event Type: Tournament_
Rules: 2 Rounds_Double Elimination_ Gouken and Seth allowed:wasted:
Console: PS3
$5 Entry Fee
$5 Venue Fee
Prize: This time I can promise the

Notes: Sunday April 19, 2009 @ 3PM
Arcade Sticks allowed if u dont have one then we can hopefully
provide one but mostly try to bring your own please.

Any Further questions: ask me Aim: Shinken Curse(trust me
if it dont look like im on, just type, ill get it)
or Eli’s cell (631) 838-5238 Aim: llMaGiiCll

BTW: Last 2 Tourney’s were won by Long Island Joe
His Sagat is Indestructible(SF4 theme plz):wasted:

P.S. About the venue fee, is mostly cause they will be food and drinks.
If you happen to get eliminated you wont go home hungry. :rofl:

Beware: The Salty Face Man:arazz:

Ill be there I will bring 2 sticks just incase anyone wants to barrow one one is siemitsu buttons other is sanwa. Maybe my stick would be used by the winner like the one in the city that just passed :lol:


How many people do you normally get?

we get around 15-20 should be nice since its on ps3 this time plus giving away the entry.
its 2 out of 3 matches double elimination. pretty sure any character allowed these kids that come usually pic seth but not sure I am not the one running it lol

If its on PS3…do you have converters for Ps2 to 3?

I don’t think so i have one but I wouldn’t recommend using it. It’s this dual blue pc one. I would not mind lending mines and I’m pretty sure there other people that would either

Thats cool, no worries. I’ll just have to borrow someones stick. I only have ps2 and 360s.


Yeah bglaugher is on point we mostly get around 20 people average.
The good thing about this time we actually get paid. NO MORE! Store credit.

Dont forget theres gonna be food there too.:rofl:

Ok now about the characters… this isnt the 360 we can put hard drives into the ps3… so therefore the original characters… no unlocked characters thats y i dont wanna do the ps3 but hey it is what it is…

So why not do 360 then?

count me i!!!

I’ll be there, probably a little earlier.

BTW! as of right now we have 3 ps3’s with all the charecter’s unlocked.
No more excuses lets go!:sweat:

Tourney was tight! But i’ve gotta get my hands on a PSX->PS3 converter so I can bring along my own stick. 8 button sticks make baby jesus cry. :frowning:

I was the guy that played Blanka btw (jason)

GG’s all around I was the bison player btw at least you got to play on nice siemitsu buttons lol that stick never gets love bout to just but 6 yellow sanwas. A lot of ppl left after losing in winners i guess they did not know about dbl elim

manny right?

Siemitsu’s are a little too tight for me, but I still like a 6 button stick better so yours was pretty nice. I sent a PM to laugh about a converter so hopefully I’ll have one before the next tourney so I can use my gear.

Who won? Arturo? His seth was sweet!

yea I am manny. art won the tourny

Who’d he face in the finals? The guy that played c. viper?

yea lol