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Question, can you explain what the last part of this means:
“CvS2 C-G.Rugal vs anyone
setup: midscreen, no setup
combo: HCB+K dash grab thing, dash forward, lvl2 kick super (2 hits) xx QCB+P wall slam
comments: it’s only cool cuz of the dash mid-combo; can’t combo kick super afterwards since wall slam grabs out of the air”

I’ve done this with Rudal© against Dan…Dan does taunt super, Rugal does lvl2 gigatech pressure mere frames before Dan lands at the end of his super(done for extra bar, 1 more level). Counter hit super…cancelled into wall slam(can’t remember the strength, all should work), linked into lvl 2 kick super(which does juggle). Then you can cancel that super however you wish.

I noticed that rugal can do lvl 2 slam xx wall slam, lvl 2 kick super. But if you replace the kick super with a level 1, it must whiff. Obviously someone thought the combo is simply too damaging to allow it during development.

It’s just simple numbers. It’s not an exception to any overall juggle count rules.

Rugal lvl1 kick super has 1 juggle potential on 1st kick, 2 juggle potential on 2nd kick, 3 juggle potential on 3rd kick.

Rugal lvl2 kick super has 2 juggle potential on 1st kick, 4 juggle potential on 2nd kick, 6 juggle potential on 3rd kick. This is simply because each kick of lvl2 super does 2 hits.

Both HCB+P and lvl1 wall slam super are 2 hits. When you do them against a grounded opponent, the first hit is kind of a strange hit stun but they are still considered somewhat grounded and the wall slam part is the actual knockdown hit. When you do either of those two moves against an airborne opponent, the first hit is considered the knockdown hit and the wall slam part is considered a juggle hit.

So if you do it against grounded opponent, the juggle count is at 0 at the end of the move so you can juggle with lvl1 kick super. If you do it against airborne opponent (or juggle with it after canceling a lvl2 or whatever), the juggle count is at 1 at the end of the move. So you can only juggle with a lvl2/lvl3 kick super, and even then the first kick only hits once.

can some one explain the juggle counter thing to me?
is there a limit or sumthin?

cvs2 system combo guide

the juggle section says it all :tup:

lol thnx… but too long… dont wanna read… maybe later
all I knows is that it can be reset during a combo…

That’s the old version. James updated it to v2 a long time ago.
Look for the CvS2 guide under “Reference”

So you wanna know enough to have someone waste their time typing some shit out just to spoonfeed you, but not enough to find it yourself when it’s right in front of you? That’s not cool. Your time is valuable but ours isn’t?

stop jumping to conclusions… I have already read it…jeez… oh so when I finish reading it u want me to say… oh Im done! Im finished reading it! is that what u want me to say? becuz if u do…

Im done!

Your question was vague. For someone to answer it would require ridiculous amounts of typing. Majestros put a good 2-3 paragraphs in just to answer my question alone. Try a more specific, on-topic question.

uh ok… sorry …

but do u guys have anything about juggle resets?

Part of what makes the CvS2 combo system good is the large variety of juggle resets. Lvl2 canceling is a juggle reset (do C-Ken antiair lvl2 punch super, cancel into LP roll after the first three hits, and then juggle with DP or s.HK or whatever). Jump-canceling is usually a juggle reset (do Ryo’s HCB+P and jump-cancel the last hit, which lets you juggle with j.HP or air fireball or whatever you want). Lots of special move cancels have built-in juggle resets such as Kyosuke’s DP+P xx QCF+K and his kick super canceled into the QCF+K.

Almost all juggle resets are also juggle setups. For example, the last hit of Yun’s launcher super creates a free juggle opportunity and it’s a juggle reset. There are plenty of juggle setups that aren’t juggle resets, but most of them are internal. For example every hit of Sagat’s HP uppercut is a timed juggle setup but not a juggle reset. If they were juggle resets, then you could juggle hotfoot super after HP uppercuts.

There’s one move in the game that’s a juggle reset but not a juggle setup, but it’s not important and it’s been mentioned before.

Also, for the record, pretty much all of this stuff is in James Chen’s faq but i felt bad for getting annoyed.

Why exactly is Kim’s infinite an infinite. He cancels a lvl 2, getting the juggle setup and 0 juggle count. But, what exactly does avoiding neutra do? Does it keep the juggle at 0 throughout since you’re still doing the move that cancelled the level 2?

Shin Ace:
That’s kind of a long and involved explanation.

the parts that matter are:

"As the opponent falls into range, Kim’s alternate stance LP attack is kara-canceled into another HK Spirit Kick, with the HK button held down again to avoid neutral states. Kara-canceling the LP attack is a qualifying cancel, resetting the juggle count and creating another juggle opportunity. "


" The LP attack juggles because all of Kim’s alternate stance attacks count as qualifying cancels, so the juggle count is actually being reset twice with each repetition of Kim’s kara-canceled Spirit Kick. "

double reset guy… SNAP! :rock: :pray: :smokin:

majes… the other non important juggle reset is ken’s reset rite?

What reset does ken have? He can cancel a lvl2…?

Fucking Kim nuthuggers need to stop hugging. All I ever see you guys produce are sub-par Kim combo videos with these weak ass corner juggles. j/k

someone should try and do some combo where you juggle AFTER kims level 1 air super. That would be pretty impressive.

Doesn’t that Kim combo vs Cammy’s Cannon Drill juggle after Kim’s lvl1 air super?

Oh btw, the move that resets without creating a juggle free setup is Kyo’s DP+K.

no, can’t so squat off the air lvl 1… but his qcf+k in the air can setup some nice combos, but that’s just basic juggle

i assure you, that yes you can combo after kims level 1 air super. I wanted to do it for my video like umm 3-4 years ago or wahtever it was. But i just didnt have the right stuff. Im not saying you can get a another air pitta patter kick, but you can do another air super level 2 or higher.

as for a combo vs cammy i do not know waht you are talkign about. I dont watch videos shrug. Unless you are talking about that bug where the opponent freezes or whatever. But thats kinda cheating to get it off lol.