go straight?

Ya, can you actually turn gay people straight? As in really straight, that they will eventually start supplying you straight porn, and go around strip clubs with you. I just watch an old episode of straight eye for the gay guy (i think that was the title), so it just struck me if this is actually possible - since most people believe being gay is genetic, while some believe it due to being environmental.

Only if they weren’t really gay in the first place, and it was just purely environmental pressures/attention seeking.

It is more than likely for most people deeply rooted (genetic or true environmental) and unchangeable however.

Its OK to be gay. You don’t have to change for anybody. :tup:

I am of the opinion that very few gays are unchangeable gays, just as many gays that I’ve met would argue that no-one is completely heterosexual.


I’m talking about tranny gays. You see, i have the gift known as the 4th eye. I can easily identify the greatest trannie, regardless of the boob jobs, the voice and all that other bitch stuff… So i was wondering if it was possible to actually turn a Rupaul into a young Mike tyson.


Really, now, really? This thread can’t be real. Btw, RuPaul is a cross dresser, not a tranny.

That would only make him even more gay.

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Yall still getting trolled by this cat in 2010?

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After the Kayo thread, its hard to tell what is serious anymore.

it is possible. but the difficulty can be as hard as seemingly impossible.