Go through sentinel force

**i found that with magneto you can crouch jab through the whole sentinel force.

Since he’s low enough he goes under the top two and you can jab each of the bottom ones to go through them. Not really that useful, but i guess will save you from chip if it came down to it.

Even if this is old news ive seen worse threads:rolleyes:

Actually, i DIDN’T know this. Good shit. Even if it is old.

Thats cool!


WOW, that works… nice

Can you sj cancel a c.lp that hits a drone?

no… but u can sj right afterwards, if you hit the head of the drone.

O_O so does the punch make you invulnerable to the drone, or does the punch knock the drone away?

knocks it away

wow. nice. good shit :tup:

Nice shit!

damn i gotta try that…nice job

Holy shit! Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!

oh man im gonna abuse this. im guessing this only works if ur not stuck in block stun? also does it work for anyone else?

i did this by accident 2 weeks ago but didnt know what i did,now i know,nice find.

its like marvel A grove parrying. Well you can do it im sure with other crap too, ive already tested parrying capcom’s buddies. But some ideas if anybody wants to test it would be like strider’s pets, iron mans c.hp, jill’s pets…etc. could also anybody check if this works with storm or any other char? I know you can do it with, iron mans s.hp and c.hk

no reason to do this… you are all gay… especially parry

^ he’s right, about the no need to do it thing.

you see a good sentinel would never just throw out a random HSF.

Everytime a Good Sentinel player does HSF, they are doing it after a blocked or hit Hp, or Rocket punch. it’s better to just stick to the Guard Cancel out of HSF.

however it’s still a nice find that you can do on beginning Sentinel players that do do an unsafe HSF.

Well, even good players whiff a rocket punch and cancel into HSF. And of course this is totally unnessesary, thats like saying one shouldn’t learn the slide infinate since the rom is more practical and easier to do. Parrying a HSF is the difference between a “Eh…” match and a “WTF???” match.

could u potentially push block and instead of sjing out do a c.jab, through like the last of the drones. ima try that tonight, and does this work with anyone else? i would think if the pushblock thing works this idea could be more useful cuase u shouldnt be in block stun when the hsf and maybe u can do some other move. Also, some people just cant sj out of the HSF, i have sat and tried to help people do it and they cant seem to get it. Its just a thought, i dont use mags anyway. good shit though. peace

you wouldn’t do this to a random HSF. you’re seriously a jackass. it could be done to any HSF… if u can’t pushblock SJ, then this is the way to go. it’s a good alternative.