Go To Work

So I’ve been on and off with street fighter as of late, but it’s winter break for me (yay college) so I was wondering if there were any goukens will to have some matches with me. Any Takers?

your xbox right?

yessir! I’m about to hop on now!

I would but I’m psn, not getting xbl for a few weeks.

No worries man. We can get some matches in then! :]

you know im up in it ;;;;;;;;;;;;;shits alil laggy tho.

I’m PC only these days, PSN and XBL have been thoroughly disappointing in gameplay. Though I will admit, playerskill is much higher on xbl, I’m spending too much time fighting horrible internet than my opponents. So all I need is better people to switch to PC :smiley: Les go!

Im trying to get back in the swing of things so most def. I’m on east coast time so we have to work that out.

Do you want to run sets or have a Gouken room?

I’ll try to catch you guys on XBL once winter break starts.

I wouldn’t mind either. I forget that you’re on the east coast xD but my times are pretty flexible! I’m sure we’ll get matches in sometime soon!

i really need the practice, gonna get on in an hr or so.

I’m about to hop on now too, hope to see you online sir!

It would be amazing if you guys could record these sessions :slight_smile: I’m going home in 4 hours, maybe I can hop in too?

^This! Do this! I’m back home in four hours as well!

Let me know when you guys are on. Send me a message when you get the chance and we can get things rolling. And about recording, I don’t have a way of recording right now but I might be able to pull a few strings to get some uploaded.

wait when are you guys doing this?

Honestly, I can do it now since sunsun is on now. Are you free now?

yup im ready when u are

Alright the room is up and running. Just me and sunsun right now

well, ill be there when i get a chance i have friend obligations at the moment.