Go To Work

U guys still on? How do I join? xbox live name is howling9

ill start up a room now.

Anyone that wants in please leave your GT and Ill send out the invites

Which palm do you use after st. hp lp palm? Sick gouken.

lp palm and thank you!

GT is still the same here, won’t be on tonight, but I’ll see what I can do over the break like you said
Good to know you’re still here Delf =)

Ive been on and off but nows a good time for me to get back in the fray

I’m finally back, can I jump in?

I hopped out to take a break. I dunno if howling and stodgy are still playing but I guess I can start up another room. Someone needs to have their mic in too xD

My GT is “Diddy Sinatra” with a space, I’ll have my mic at least, lol

Great games guys!

Good stuff guys, I’m so free to demon flips it isn’t even funny. Just one more reason Akuma owns my world.

Howling, I don’t think you were kara throwing were you? Looked like you were walking up and throwing after st.cl.mp.

Delf you some fancy.

haha good games man! and I’m not THAT fancy c’mon :stuck_out_tongue:

I see you are back lets play some time Delf.

Dude Diddys been sending you invites, where you at??

I am off for the night class in the morning.

You did that combo video ish on Diddy and I was like omg. You did that whole FADC combo into FADC tatsu into demon flip reset.

I need to learn to anti-air those flips without relying on jump back mp.

I tried cl.st.hk early on and got stuffed by a kick. There has to be a normal that can shit down flips, going to test it tonight.

Hah, he did that on me too. I wanna use those, when he put me in some corner pressure it would usually mean the end of the round.

Was good games.

Yeah I’d be willing to Delf, I should be on tonight. I can’t promise much yet, still just beginning with Gouken.

How effective was that FADC combo in FADC tatsu reset, I came across that in an old video from Desk.

What are you suggesting for stuffing for AA the demon flips, that kind of stuff would be usefull for people doing crossups that have a short jump, like Adon. cl.st.hk I thought would be really effective.