I just wanted to say:


Seriously. God bless you guys. I’m here as a visitor and I fucking love this place. I just came back from New York to Philly and I’m drunk as shit but this country is amazing. You can drive through a red light on a right turn and as long as you don’t do stupif sshit you can drive with a few beers inside ya. I swear to God some of the chicks on New Times Squre or whatever: I would lick the shit out of your asscracks. No jokes. I saw this chick in a nice dress that was strapped around her body like bandage and it got me so hard I would eat her shit. No joke. I’d eat it like was peanut butter. So pretty and so fucking tight. EVen with her ballooned belly because she was preggers. It’s OK baby, it don’t bother me, is would still eat your hormones. I love you baby.

You guys deserve more love, really. I know every fucking liberal fuckwit scumfuck outside USA (including me) condems the USA for their forerign policy but I have changed my mind. I know you try to protect your internal shit and your shit abroad. I understand. Life right now is too good to allow it to get fucked by some fucking fucker somewhere that doesn’t know the difference between a fucking four legged animal and a 4 wheel drive automatic.

2Pac once said: killing ain’t easy but somebody gotta do it.

I hear ya my friend. I know. Don’t let shit get to you. Keep it up USA.

I’m gona learn Spanish. I just need a latin mami to shit on my face because it gets my dick hard.


I think you giuys are great. Eventhoughg i didnt like SF4, I will play SSF4/. Because I know you guys wil be there, watching. It will all come together at SSF4. M

Take care, my brothers. Go Phillies!





Will you eat my shit too, bro?


**USA! ****USA! ****USA! :woot: :woot: :woot:


Great thread for a great poster.


OK Im sorry if I come arcross as a jackass, I don’t mean i like that. What I mean to say is that I’m a foreigner but I don’t hated on the USA for theuir foreign policies. Instead, I 'veseen the light of the assholes buttholes of those lovely latin american mami’s in NY AND an extra large bag of Cheetos. It’s just too good. That and beer.

Don’t let nobody say stupid shit or drag down morale of the fighting men in the ME.Because of them I can get drun kin peace and feel blessed.





drunk posting is best posting


Thread of the year nominee… I called it first…:rofl:




wow, even your avatar and username is hilarious

as for eating shit… :rofl:


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AMERICA! FUCK YEAH! Seriously, this is the greatest country in the world and we’re all lucky to be Americans. There’s only a select few countries outside of the U.S.A. I could even consider livable. Call me an ignorant American all you want," it ain’t trickin if you got it" - Gorilla Zoe.

If there is one…God bless America.


I just want to post in this epic thread because I like his avatar.


Please come to California and see the other side of this grand country.

The darker side…


lol, I wish I could’ve seen those reactions of his in person.




I miss NY now :lol:


I’ve lived in California most of my life. California IMO is a very nice place to live IDK why people bitch about it so much.


and come to Oklahoma and be bored out of your mind … then drive to down to Texas and find some fun haha i should have not moved from Arizona.


where you from, OP?