GOD BLESS THE RING! Ehrgiez Thread

Well, I just starting play Ehrgiez on the PS1 again, and relized how awesome of a game it was. I noticed no one really mad a thread, and I am wondering if anyone knows of the game and can tell me why it was not to popular? Or even some tier and stuff and like that. That would be great.

haha i loved this game so much. i think top tier was masuda haha but yeah id love to read up on the tiers etc. for this.

Well, I heard long ago that Inoba, Naseem (Doza) and Cloud were top-top, along with Godhand and Dan second top. I played Cloud today and relized why he top.

A) Has some very damaging combos. Good example is CH H+S,H,H; G+H,H; G+L,jHH. (Note j=just frame)

B) Has good pressure, manly because of his many Delayable moves. HH, L is a great mix up because it can then go into jHH afterwards. If they see it coming, just finish the normal chain and PUNISH THEM (HH).

C) One of the better JF moves (G+L, jHH) Because that Low move can be done off of alot of moves.

what about sasuke? any idea where he places?

Yeah, I’ve had that in my sig for awhile now.

Top for the PS is Matsuda Koji, then Tifa, Godhand, Vincent, Yuffie, Sasuke. Tifa and Vincent are almost clones of Godhand, especially Vincent, and he was always good. Yuffie is a better Sasuke.
Cloud is better than Sephiroth but he isn’t top tier. Do not use Cloud’s sword; it will get you killed against people who know who to S grab.
I used to have a custom Cloud juggle that did more than Omnislash, and Omnislash can be interrupted. I haven’t played in years, though.

Top for arcade is Godhand/Tifa. Sasuke is up there and Cloud is at least upper mid.

Django was utter crap in both versions. Actually I forgot if he’s playable in the arcade.

Han and Jo are supposed to suck, too.

hmmm, the fighting game was actually pretty shitty. I think the game is actually just really badass for all of the minigames. But yeah, I don’t know anything advanced for this game. I was a cloud sword spam user.

Yeah I am wonder why this game was shitty, is there something game breaking or what? Also isn’t Koji a copy of Inoba? Unless I am getting mixed up.

Well the fighting game isn’t “shitty”; that you are a Cloud sword spammer shows how little you understand how to play it. The problem with this game was poor marketing and no advertizing.

Matsuda isn’t a copy of Inoba.

I’ve never really had a chance to see upper-level (read:at all competent) competition in Ehrgeiz. What makes the top characters so much stronger than the others? Likesay, what are they abusing?


Matsuda isn’t a copy? Damn, my memory must be fading. Time to re-unlock everyone again, I deleted the data on my PS2. No R&L’s are going to save my data from that.

And yes Donkus, the game had crappy marketing and advertizing. It was really sad, becuase I think the game could have been competive. I think also the fact the game was not main-stream did not help it too much at all.

And while we are on the point of Cloud’s Sword, yeah, it is really useless except for his L, L, L; and Cross Slash on a dizzy (which is still risky because the 1st 2 hits are not comboed, free sword grab).

Matsuda counters everything. And his mind games are awesome. His wakeup game is the best. No matter what the opponent does, they will most likely end up back on the floor, starting over again. His S attack is quite strong, it just punishes missed anything. And they get knocked down. Oh, and if you knock Matsuda down, you need to run away from his body as fast as you can. It’s not that he abuses stuff, he’s just super-dominant.

Godhand is probably #1 in the arcade, or Tifa, since they are similar. Those characters are good at everything. Good at countering, safe attacks, good specials, all of their moves are useable, so they have a huge arsenal.

Actually I haven’t played this game in years and I have forgotten a lot about it.

The dungeon minigame was fun. Like Gauntlet, but better.

movement system needs tons of fixing, that’s why i think it sucked.

if anything they should’ve had a run button, not a walk button.

That’s not a walk button. That’s a moving guard.

Well, I think that the moving guard should have been normal movement, and there should be a run button. Whenever I play it, a rarely use the run, except from some unblockable attacks. Also, I am wonder if there are any vids out on the game, hidden in the very depths of the earth. Would make me very happy.