God Bless The Ring


Discuss. Ehrgeiz. A fighting game.


concept was worth a shot, unfortunately, it didn’t deliver


Bad game.


Just cause it was mentioned on a stream isn’t enough of a reason to make a thread with a horrible op.

Edit: Seriously, you have nothing to discuss on. Not even the characters listed. or the arcade and console differences.


It turns out that it is…because it happened…today at 1:18 PM EST.

Also, you are adding nothing to this discussion. At least the first two replies were contributing (even if they are wrong).


There is nothing to discuss. Other than your horrible op.


I hated this game. Cloud and Sephiroth were the only reason I bought it.


If you’re going to start a discussion thread about a stupid new stream meme, at least put more shit in the OP than “discuss”.