God damn it, 2017!


LOL Bush getting shoed was so fuckin’ funny, Me and my coworker replayed that shit for days.

I hope 2017 brings more funny political shaming and less violence.





Dat yellow bone black girl on that Al-Jazeera link doe! Soooo fine!


He was shot dead, so you cant blame the year. Stop trying so hard to force that shitty meme


Ya, why worry about people dying when we have you to single-handedly repopulate the planet with illegitimate children? :rofl:



I thought you fools blame the year when they die of natty causes




We do. I was just being a dink and starting it before anyone else can.

:party: HAPPY NEW YEAR! :party:






Superfly Jimmy Snuka…


Damn, another one of my favorites. :sad:


Shatterstar tier thread, thank god srk came back and made it not suck dicks. Next time don’t be lazy schlub and at least copy/paste the fucking article you pasty negro.


2017 trying to catch up to 2016. It ain’t even February yet…


Who else died? Let’s face it bruh… Wasn’t nobody crying over Mary Tyler Moore.



John Hurt died yesterday.


Who is John Hurt?


Alotta people so far in 2017 that are/were famous…


Is 2017 giving 2016 a run fort its money?


Just got an alert Judge Wapner died. He was 97. I thought he died a while ago myself. RIP


Well, it just took Bill Paxton.