God damn it, 2017!


Well, it just took Bill Paxton.


Didn’t know Alan Colmes from Hannity & Colmes died too…


And the last thing he did was a shitty tv show based on training day.



Game of Thrones actor Neil Fingleton (Mag the Mighty) dies at the age of 36



Damn, the giant died?

And BIll Paxton? WTF? I would have never guessed him.


did he die because of being that tall?


That’s a common thing. There are ton of people in history over 7 feet tall that die because of some kind of organ failure. I’m not a doctor so I don’t know why being tall indicates organ failure but it’s definitely happened more than once. Like theres a guy in the Ripley muesuem in Canada that had the same thing.


You’re probably adding many more feet of vascular system to your body. If your heart isn’t significantly large enough to keep up, it’s GGPO.



Here we go again


It’s generally because their organs have to work harder on the larger body. Big ass dogs tend to have heart attacks because their heart has to work a lot harder pumping blood through their body. Their organs aren’t evolved to deal with that size.


Big Show still lives…


But Mariah is a little always so extra. Haha


Marfan syndrome usually has tall features but their connective tissue is weak.

The intima (innermost layer of blood vessels) is weak and is prone to dissection or tearing.

They are recommended to use beta blockers like propranolol or they get surgery to aortic valve. They are told to keep heavy exercise to a minimum.

It also has vision problems,arachnodactyly,and other associated features. It is a genetic syndrome that has an autosomal dominant pattern.

It was alleged that Abraham Lincoln suffered from this.


The thing is, each year we get older and are aware of more people. Also, every single year, the amount of famous people multiplies because of technology and the “entertainment culture” we live in. There are a lot more famous people in 2017 than there were in 1997, and there were a lot more famous people in 1997 than in 1977, etc, etc, etc. Think about it…in 1920, there were like 4 people who were famous world-wide. 1950…what like, 10-15 people?

So yes, more people we’ve heard of will die in 2017 than in 2016. And it’ll be more in 2018.


isn’t that only people with long legs and arms but normal size spines? that’s what i understand it to be and why they think Lincoln had it because of pictures of him sitting next to average sized adults. this giant dude seems to have a big spine as well so i don’t think it’s Marfan syndrome.


Maybe it was Acromegaly?

It was the condition Andre the Giant had and also caused his death at a relatively young age (46)


Youre right. the limbs are long, but the trunk is normal basically.

there are lot of obscure causes that a geneticist/geneitc counselor would know. I m ignorant as we only learned the "big " ones.


Soon Mad Catz will cease to exist.



Oh I just came to know about him after reading this thread. But you have my utmost respect in this regard.


Here we go again…