God Damn Wolverine


[LEFT]Been playing a lot of UMvC3 lately.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]There is one character I absolutely despise at this point, Wolverine.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]No matter what I do I cannot seem to deal with his angry, in your face, rushdown tactics. Especially when he’s backed up by annoying assists like Sentinal’s drone’s or Akuma’s tatsumaki.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]I’m currently running Doom on point, Firebrand on assist, and Strider on anchor. Even when I try to zone him out he is still able to just charge in like an angry housewive and destroy me. And getting in on him is such a pain.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]I’ve tried zoning, pushblocking, etc. Nothing seems to work. He has pretty decent sized hitboxes as well and when he touches me I end up in a long, annoying, tiresome combo.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]So, just wondering. How do I deal with this nuisance, anyone have any tips that would help with the team I am currently using?[/LEFT]


Try Firebrand point, Doom Missiles, stay in the air and zone out. When he gets frustrated call Vajira and capitalise.
Wolverine + Tatsu or drones is really good though. Doom Beam also blows up Sent drones.

Chicken blocking also… but it is annoying, especially online. I X-Factor cancel to get rid of the problem, but it’s an effective duo.


Yeah wolvie sucks, so fast and with high recovery on his moves it seems. Gotta stay calm when he gets in close and push-block to get him away.

And ALWAYS be on the lookout for his favorite move…that spamtastic dive kick.


Your team order is messed up. Azproc got it right. Every single Doom assist there is more useful than anything Firebrand could offer in that position and Firebrand plays a better keepaway and rushdown game against Wolvie than Doom too.


After watching Final Round I’d say you need more Raccoon and LOG TRAP.


I have good luck zoning wolverine with Arthur. if arthur is tagged in then tons of anything you can throw, get golden armor then tag in Doom, call Arthur daggers and launch hidden missles :slight_smile: