God Hand Ball Buster Pic

So I’m looking to change my facebook profile picture, but I’m out of random images at the moment. The solution, obviously, is to make my own. I’ve been playing God Hand for the past month and have become pretty obsessed with it. Anyway, I was thinking of taking an image of the Ball Buster and photoshopping it. Here are the two images I have.



I’m more partial to the second one.

My idea was to rotoscope out the background and the health bars. Add in maybe a back ground of some sort (rainbows?). Maybe create a shatter glass effect centered on the kick. Now that I’ve said my ideas, I was wondering what you guys thought? Maybe you can come up with some more interesting stuff. When making suggestions, keep please keep in mind that I have barely touched PS (as such I don’t know where the rotoscope command is, nor do I know how to create shatter glass, but I plan to fool around with stuff for a while). Thanks for your input! :woot:

Edit: If anyone can capture a higher resolution image of Ball Buster, I’d appreciate it. Otherwise I might use my friends video capturing thingy, but the capture is off so the color seems bleached.

I’d love a version of the warning screen at the beginning, I always thought that would be an awesome desktop.