God like net code for sfxt!

I’m usually the first person here to start bitching about net play but for once Capcom got it right!!!

sfxt is absolutely ridiculous online even for the era. I can actually react to what is taking place on the screen. Bad pokes, spamy fireballs\shoryukens, bad spacing, tech throws, reacting to jumps. I don’t like the game but it has god like online net code.

sfxt and sf4 visually are no different so if sfxt could use a roll back style net code guess what, sf4 AND mvc3 could of used it too and Capcom was feeding us corporate bullshit for 4 years. They just didn’t want to upgrade their old net code model IMO.

I assume that every game capcom releases after sfxt will include this net code as its the most ideal one for the world. Chances are that it will make other developers like Namco\Snk take another look @ roll back style net code for fighting games. Kind of sucks that kof 13, god like game, is stuck with shitty net code syndrome.

I wish 4 years ago people would have been just as upset about the net code as I was. Probably wouldn’t have taken so long.

hopefully any newer addition of sf4\mvc3 is updated with the new net code!!

thank god Capcom finally caught up with the times. It shouldn’t have taken that long but I’m just glad they got there.

tips for playing online to avoid frame skip

play on direct line and NEVER play on wireless
make sure you’re the only person using the direct line
play regionally, should have a pretty good connection for 500-1000 miles. Haven’t tested the full capabilites yet. Cali\Japan must be loving this shit online. If you can’t play regionally, get as close as possible. The closer the less skippy it will be if both parties are using the internet properly.

frame skip\rolling back simply implies that your or your opponents connection simply wasn’t good enough to allow the match to be played properly. Even the best connection will have some slight roll back but its certainly a lot better than 15-20 frames of input delay.

improvements that can be made to online matchmaking

One of the major problems is that its impossible to determine the quality of the connection. That bar shit is fucking retarded. If it were a refreshing MS display like you see for GGPO\FPS games, you can almost tell how far said person is from you. I don’t know why it can’t be both a bar and a number displayed in MS.

some type of map feature needs to be added. You should know how many MS it takes to reach your opponent and where they are on a map so you can specifically look for regional matches. With a net code like this, regional always works well. Try to not span your coast if possible. For example I live in FL so if it were possible, I wouldn’t want to matchup with cali players. When you have maps, that’s possible otherwise you have to setup matches through like srk\other websites. Playing regionally is the best way to get great matches.

there needs to be a xbl detector that tells you whether or not someone is using a wireless router to play online. On GGPO, you can constantly refresh their ping and if its too sparatic, chances are they are playing wirelessly. Wireless connections may have worked for SF4 because it forces input delay so you could never actually see how bad your shit was. You could only feel it but when you run wirless for roll back holy shit does it roll back. If someone is rolling back the whole time on you it means 3 things, they’re playing on a terrible wireless connection, sharing a connection or a simply too far to have a good connection against. All 3 things are bad anyway.

when the game roll back, that isn’t the quality of the net code, its the quality of the connection. Roll back is the best we use for fighting games ATM until something better than roll back gets invented


Seriously, the net code is a HUGE leap forward for the community and it can only get better from here!! every generation will get more and more stable and I can’t wait for other games to start using this. I assume ttt2 will be fucking god like online and I hope the next versions of mvc3\sf4 get their old net code removed and get this one slapped over it.

don’t get my excitement about the net code confused with me liking the game. Not down with DLC gems that allow people to have stronger options because they paid more money but the net code definitely makes fighters playable online. More so than sf4 ever was

Feels good when companies start giving a shit doesn’t it?

Idk novril, they still went gold when the netplay had an extremely prevalent and noticeble bug that influences play with the sound bug.

I think that they went gold with such a noticible and retarded problem is insulting as a consumer. The fact that they don’t plan to fix it has me wondering if there’s a potential class action lawsuit for selling a defective product to the public.

I mean, it’s not like every other time rollback netcode was implemented in something they immedeatly identified and resolved the sound desyncing glitches. I mean mauve even managed to hack rollback netplay into a doujin game and solve the sound glitches.

Shoult, You pretty much said what I feel about this game.
Don’t care about the game, looks meh and the P2W gem system is laughable as a competitive fighter but if theres only 1 thing they got right with SfxT, its the fact that they finally used the proper netcode made for fighters! I woulnd’t call it ‘godlike’ quality when compared to PC ggpo but things can only get better from here (i hope). Better late than never, this is a great sign for future Capcom FGs, and hopefully for other companies will follow too.
Its unfortunate that they had to ship the game out with f’d up audio but hopefully they patch it.

Now you know whats the worst enemy of this type of netcode used in big titles like this?
The fucking kids that play with shit conditions and connection qualities that you listed and scream 'TOO LAGGY THIS NETCODE SUX’
The audio problem with SFxT online isn’t exactly helping either.
And they claim SF4 is ‘runs fine/very playable’ etc because they’re so used to playing with input lag and slow gamespeeds. You’d think a place like SRK would be sensitive to input lag and reactionary gameplay but there are a lot of people that legit believe SF4s online is ‘close to offline’ whatever that means(part of this is probably because of how slow and input lienient SF4 is actually giving them the illusion that theyre playing fine).

This needs to stop, if you’re even semi-competitive about fighting games, non-roll back input lag variable netcode should not be acceptable.
Its not, your shit is coming out x number of frames after you press the button, youre not playing the game as intended. Rollback netcode can negate this with little to none(again, depending on quality of connection) visual rollbacks. ANyone thats played on ggpo would know what I’m talking about.
Rollback netcode is really the future of FGs.

I remember Magus on TNT was saying he prefers SF4 netcode and admitted to playing on a wireless xbox lol.

I’d take rollback with sound issues over SNK’s treatment every day of the week. I’m just saying it’s a refreshing change coming from a company I usually get disappointed with.

Skullgirls is gonna have ping numbers and allow you to adjust your GGPO delay before each match (and give you recommended GGPO delay setting based on your opponent). It’s cool that Capcom is finally doing this but I definitely wish it came earlier for Ultimate and well…Skullgirls just looks more fun than all the new Capcom fighters at this point.

This is a good thread to get out so people understand that being able to enter commands on near exact frames with some teleports once in a while is better than constant delay. I wish someone just put out a video or something so the randoms can figure this out. Randoms still wanna push buttons in 3+ frames of delay because they saw a couple teleports.

I’m loving the netcode in SFxT as well, but I don’t think Capcom was feeding us BS about rollback netcode. Seth said in an interview once that they didn’t implement it in SF4 because rollbacks were “costly” in terms of game resources. I think that’s exactly what we’re seeing with the audio bug in SFxT - the game can’t rollback everything fast enough, so the sound gets cut, and everything else gets through.

Quite frankly, the sound bug doesn’t bother me that much, especially when I compare it the noise level in tournaments. Just put on your headphones and blast some dubstep for the complete experience =P.

Namco and Capcom finally learned the importance of good netcode with their latest releases. I just hope the next SNK game follows suit.

Fact is there are always going to be casuals that that prefer smooth animation over responsive input.
they need to give an option like 'online input delay: Auto(sf4,mvc3…) or Fixed (0,1,2…like ggpo,SF2HDR)
This can’t be impossible right? I’m sure they can cater to both sides.

Also improve the fucking online UI. Why can’t they show numerical pings, do they think console gamers are retarded or something?
Give us an option to rematch, instead of going back to lobby and char select every fucking match. Seriously, if they actually played their own products they’d realize these short comings.

I assume youre talking about Soul Calibur 5 which is a vast improvement compared to older namco titles but its still input variable lag netcode :frowning: But hey at least theyre not pumping out trash netcode like SC4 or T6, god those wre awful

I’m just saying that “We haven’t fixed the sound glitch yet, but fuck it we’ll go gold and just tell them it can’t be fixed” is hardly ‘giving a shit’. If this were a final exam I’d give them partmarks for making an effort but still fail them for getting the question wrong.

Like I have to play SFxT with the sound off, because having no audio cues fucks me up less than having partial audio.

GGPO caters to both technically right?

Yooooooo Shoultzula likes the netcode?

The world is really about to end huh? Lol…

I do wish they use this for now on, of course with some work to be done here and there. Input lag makes it hard to practice combos on your opponent. With this, not only can you play the match-up, but hit most your combos and react…

Hope they do this for DS4 (if Capcom does it)…

The only thing really missing is the ability to set your input delay level. Right now, the game seems to have a delay level of around 2 frames, which means that slow connections suffer more.

As for numerical ping, I’ve heard somewhere (Reverge?) that it isn’t supported in the default toolset/dev kit for the consoles and that you have to make it yourself.

EDIT: It seems the latest Saikyo X Kobusi blog says something about fixes to the netcode.

Well kinda, but its up to the player to adjust it.
Your typical Joe Schmoe woulnd’t know what ‘netcode’ or ‘rollback’ or ‘input delay frames’ is, this is where an Auto option comes handy.
Or maybe just lock it on 5 frame delay or something and make the adjust option hidden for the competitive players, idk. That sounds unlikely tho

They said it would be difficult to fix not they ain’t going to fix it at all. That was only said in regards of local online co-op for the 360 version.

I’m wondering if they’ll use the same netcode for the Vita version of SFxT, as they’re supposed to support cross platform play on it.

you know the whole thing about people who like input delay is that this type of net code allows you to dictate how much input delay you receive. You can minimize it which is what pro’s want and scrubs can crank that shit up to max and have smooth connection with input delay. That option isn’t there for only input delay based games so complaining about it is actually stupid because the roll back version can utilize both styles. There is virtually no reason to NOT use roll back.

However, go try telling that to the same players that don’t know anything. If it were that easy, I think someone could of found a way to explain it to them in 2k8.

you’re not supposed to have perfect connections with everyone which is what sf4 made people think by introducing so much forced input delay and random amounts of it which made the game smooth but it made playing impossible. I’ve played like 3000 games of sf4 online and never had a good connection. I’ve played 50 for sfxt and I’ve had like 40 good ones of GGPO level. The days of bad online games SHOULD be behind us.

I’ll bash capcom @ almost any chance lol but I don’t have a problem giving them credit. This isn’t one of those things that just happen on accident like mvc2. This was a planned process and they delivered big time.

I think we should make a petition for sf4\mvc3 to get this version of the net code tacked on. @ some point, umvc3 will get another patch\update and it could very well be slapped onto it but I’m just guessing.

part of my faith is restored into capcom. Now if we can just get them to make good games again lol

is there a general consensus among top players about the net code? I wonder what the top players think.

Honestly I hate to be the downer here, but I really don’t see capcom deciding to continue using rollback for their next big budget fighter since so many people are complaining about it and how much “better” sf4 input delay is.