God lives in Tucson, Arizona

I MUST go to this place. I’ll go there one day soon and see this for myself.


So top 2 threads in GD right now:

God is a sexual deviant
God’s son loved himself the skin cigar.

I love you SRK.

I want this tour. Now.

So it’s a dove bar 4 miles from me. I’m going.

If it wasn’t so far from my frigid wasteland I’d pass by and see the place. Seems ludicrous.

Post pictures if you get branded.

Hannity is doing this undercover.

Damn… would you get branded for half priced drinks for life?

I… I think I might have in college.


This place sounds like the stuff dreams are made of.

Half-priced drink for an AA pin should be a crime in my opinion. Other than that, place sounds awesome.

I wanna go. Badly :rofl:

I’d totally get branded…

I guess since Im going to Tucson Az soon im in luck. Oracle- No Tell Motel is like only 10 miles away from my old house

Zulu, what fighting games you play?

Tekken mostly.

I’ve been to Tucson.

It’s the most desolate, depressing, trashy, neglected city in probably the entire country.

Actually it isn’t.

Nope, Marana Az is



What Tucson did you go to?

Born and raised there, so no…it’s not. The place does suck no doubt, but it’s not THAT bad. What it has over Seattle, other than women, is Los Betos. Breakfast Bacon Burrito with no papas is too broken.

West Side > South Side when it comes to Mexican food.

^ This. Plus Tucson has the best dive bars ever.

District and The Buffet ftw.

the part i was in had no civilization, except hotels, and gas stations.

i’m not down with Arizona at all… you have to wait like 5-10 minutes at a light to make left turn/u turn on busy streets without getting tboned and killed.

also, speed cameras on the freeway? wth?