God of the Avengers: Thor Team/Matchup Thread



Again, also self-explanatory, will put up teams and how they matchup against other teams as the game comes along.




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Posted on the Capt. America thread. I believe Thor/Capt./Iron Man will be good, despite them being fanboyish.


So far I have been using Doom (only for assist) to help me get in and stay in effectively. Still looking for my third character though. . .ill take a look at Captain A.


Yea, that’s actually my team lol.

Iron Man assist a
Capt America assist b
Thor assist b (not sure why one would use assist y though, kinda slow startup, but has projectile invincibility)

Stark’s unibeam provides good cover for thor and cap to get get in. Especially since cap’s cartwheel no longer has invincibility, thor as well since he’s slow as hell. Cap’s stars&stripes gives a good assist against pressure since neither stark nor though have thor have dp’s in their arsenal. And well thor for his ridiculous damage and resets, his assist I’m sure opens a lot of options for combos. And it can be used to break out of pressure, not sure how effective it is though.


My Current team is Wesker B, Thor B Dormmamu A… all the assists are pretty important to this team as each has its own job.
Wesker starts off rushing down and trying to land a big hit, depending I will either go for regular knockdown into gun+thor into relaunch into knockdown + gun for mixups, Or go for straight switch into thor just to get teh big guy in to do damage. Dormammu is obviously the mixup cover assist thought i have also had some luck using thor b for this as well.

Currently magnus+sent teams seem to be the biggest problem. Wesker can’t really hit magnus at least not for me right now, luckily Wesker gun owns sent assist. But then If Thor is in vs sent I don’t know what thor can do, random launcher owns Thors usual methods of getting inpretty hard, plus he can harass from a distance. If someone has better ideas on this match that is appreciated.


I use, x-23/sent/thor

thor’s mighty spark has good lockdown for me to rush in with x-23 ( i could always use sent assist but i try and keep his health up nice incase i need to bring him in)

sent with thor assist helps out on keep away. Thor isn’t superb when by himself , doesn’t really have as much keep away projectile attacks or anything fast but his high damage output makes playing patiently with him pay off.

The high health points of sent+thor also balance out x-23’s low health.

The team doesn’t have an Amazing DHC either but for now I kinda like rushing down with x-23 then switching it up with sent and keep thor off point for as long as possible if needed but It makes sense to bring him in if his DHC can kill off a character. Plus when you x-factor, you get so much more life per second cuz of his high health. Obviously this team dynamic hasn’t really been flushed out but i like it so far plus I plan on getting better with those characters.


Random notes with Thor for annoying matchups

Ammaterasu: Best bet for beating the f+h chain is to block m,h, push block the next hard and cr.short. If you time it right you should beat it, its tough to do though. Also Air comboing her is hard. Best way Ive found is to do launch, really late, j.l,m,h,s you can get the lvl3 charge smash this way but it is pretty tough better to just stick to combo to super or an assist combo if available to you.

Akuma: Obviously this is just for online, but blocked hk hurricane can’t do anything on normal block, but what you can do is push block the first on and immediate dp+b this will hit akuma into a launch combo. In the corner you need to pushblock twice.

Sentinel: Still don’t know what to do… this match is really hard for thor. Might strikes can work well to get in just have to do it right. Still need to figure out how to punish his launcher. Any other help is appreciated for this match.


I just started to play MvC3 like yesterday and i am still looking for team around Thor. As of now i am still pretty clueless about the game. So far i went with Thor/Iron Man/ x . With x being Haggar/Wesker/Spencer; resulting in more or less successful games. But imho that´s because i still suck pretty much and haven´t grasped all the techniques. I plan to pack in Taskmaster somewhere though. My question is: Is there a good team combination out of those characters => Thor / Iron Man / Wesker / Taskmaster / (Haggar),(Spencer) because i like those characters by their design and style or should i start looking somewhwere else and not waste my team on them, because they dont fit well with Thor.


Guys! If you’re running Thor on point, I’d like to suggest that you may find it worth your while to have Hulk backing him up.

I’ve been experimenting with a whole range of characters, but primarily working with variations on Thor/Haggar/Tasky – Haggar to cover Thor up close and Taskmaster to chase down runaway (and also to carry the team occasionally, because he can do everything reasonably well and do a decent job of shutting down Sentinels).

We all know, of course, that Haggar’s lariat is one of the best assists in the game, especially for getting people off you. And we all also know that Thor needs all the help we can get up close against anybody with faster normals than him (which is to say, pretty much everybody who wants to rush him down). But Hulk’s B assist, the anti-air Gamma Charge, ain’t too far behind Double Lariat for this task; it has super armor if you pop it out fast enough, it makes normally easy jump-ins on Thor a liability for the idiot sticking his leg into Hulk’s trajectory, and if you do an even halfway decent job of protecting Hulk on the way down you’ll have successfully swung the momentum back and kept the rushdown out.

Against runaway, well, you’re still kind of boned – no combination between Thor, Hulk, and Haggar is going to save you on that front – but if you know you won’t have to deal with the opponent trying to rush you, then switching to Hulk’s A assist (the OTG Gamma Wave) gives you that extra bit of firepower leeway that can help you to murder the keepaway character dead if/when you do finally get ahold of them.

But the main consideration that finally swayed me from Thor/Haggar to Thor/Hulk was figuring out that Hulk can vastly outpace Haggar for DHC damage, if Thor gets pretty much anything done successfully. Thor can only spend one meter at a time, as we’re all aware, so more often than not he’s got more than one bar kicking around – and when he gets a chance to spend it, oh man, madness.

Finish any combo with Thor’s air Mighty Tornado? GAMMA CRUSH. As long as you bust it out before the final hits push the opponent across the screen, you’ll get the full hits on the way up and on the way down. (Of course, you can also then tag a third super off of that if you know it’ll land; Taskmaster’s arrows and Storm’s Hailstorm are good examples that can kill or nearly-kill a lot of guys outright once you’ve landed all three. And trading meter for damage is a much better proposition in this game than it used to be in TvC, I tell you what.) This includes any air combos you launched from a Mighty Throw, naturally, so you start to get some hilariously dastardly damage totals off of one mistake.

Or – grab a dude with Mighty Punish? GAMMA CRUSH. It’s such a dick move, oh man, I love it. And Punish is a total combo of two hits, so the meteor barely even scales! Mighty Punish on its own is already painful and insulting, but tagging on full damage from one of the most powerful level-1s in the game after it? Most characters can tag a DHC after Punish, but Hulk just happens to do it better than most. So given the choice between 310,000 for one bar or 674,300[!!] for two, well, this seems like a fair trade.

tl;dr Try putting Hulk second, because he frustrates anybody trying to rush Thor down and he Gamma Crushes for insultingly high damage after Mighty Punish or Air Mighty Tornado. Just… be sure to learn from my experience and make sure your anchor has some speed or range to 'im, because I’ve tried running Thor/Haggar/Hulk and it worked about as well against keepaway as you’d expect. HULK HATE PINEAPPLE SURPRISE


I, too, have found Thor and Hulk to work quite well together, though not quite in the same way (which is not to say that the above is wrong at all, but rather that they synergize on multiple levels). I’ve been using Thor with Mighty Spark assist and Hulk with Gamma Wave assist, so that no matter which one is on point, you have a good projectile and also a good projectile assist backing you up. Between those two (which are really two of the best and most under-rated projectiles in the game), you can actually win the majority of the zoning wars you’ll encounter. You can literally sit back–even against Sentinel–and combine your projectiles to out-range people and force them to come to you.

Of course, it’s imperative that your third character have an excellent anti-rushdown ability, but every team has to be rounded out somehow. I’ve had varying levels of success in the third slot with Hsien-Ko, Haggar, Doom, She-Hulk, Chris, and Akuma.


Wesker (Low Shot)/Thor (Mighty Spark)/Dormammu (Black Hole) is a legit squad. So much better than my old team with Thor. This game has become much more fun since I have decided to reorganize my squad


Lol My team.


Man, I’ve been trying to build a team around Thor and these are all good ideas. Besides my nerd factor of having Thor and Hulk on the same team, I’ve been trying out Doom for his Missile assist and Iron Man for his OTG assist, which can follow any air combo from Thor that finishes off a jumping S. Land from the combo, bring in Iron’s OTG to relaunch and combo for uglyness. Use Doom’s missile assist to close the gap and when they block, Mighty Hurricane into combo of choice! With Hulk, I’ve used his Wave assist but that usually pushes them too far sometimes, but I’ll definitely try the G.Charge route. Other than that, I’m having the hardest time pairing Goldilocks with assists that close him in.


Just so you know, if you’re using Thor with Doom’s Missile assist, you already have an easy way to OTG after his air series. Check out the combo thread - I posted a bunch of Thor + Doom Missile assist relaunches.

You can boot Iron Man for Hulk if you want, if Iron’s OTG was your main motivation for keeping him around :cool:


Right now I’m running Thor B/Wesker B/Tron B.

It seems to have great synergy, especially for Wesker, who has fun with those two assists. Hard to level up my Thor game against such inadequate competition though.


I think that Matchup and Team threads should be different since they really aren’t the same at all. I kind of want to start organizing all of the information on all of the threads so it isn’t just so scattered around everywhere.


Then make a matchup thread.


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