God Palkia & GodSpiritbomb. Still scrubbin' it up


I seem to recall seeing something about these guys rank boosting in AE, but I hadn’t thought about it until today. These went by on the replay channel today, one right after the other. So, yeah, he’s still out there doin’ his thing.


So you’re using your first posts here to talk about boosters? Who cares?


Obviously not you, but they ARE the #1 & #2, so it seemed worth mentioning. You know, for the record. Not like I joined to report them or anything. I just happened to see it today and thought someone might find it interesting.


Oh ok. If that’s what you did it for then okay. Sorry it just seemed like you had nothing else to talk about other than other people and their mistakes.


So lame :lol: What’s even the point? Do you get invited to Capcom Pro Tour or something for being highly ranked?



I notice them too, but they’re still boosting in AE, not Ultra. I would give a fuck, but if they are still playing AE, good, let them stay there.

Also, what Spooky said.