God Rugal/Shin Akuma

I did search around for this…

A few years back I sold my fat ps2 and all of my games. I recently purchased a new slim and a few fighting games CvS 2 being one of them. I began playing it this evening and arrived at God Rugal. I beat him the first time out in ratio play 2/1/1.

My question is…Why isn’t he unlocked? I went to the vs. screen and he isn’t there in the lower right hand corner where he normally would be. I remember way back when just simply beating him and S. Akuma in normal arcade play and unlocking them.

The difficulty is on default, nothing has changed.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

What’s the point of unlocking them? they’re not tourney playable.

He probably likes just fiddling around with them and all their overpoweredness. Is it because you don’t have a memory stick inputted? Other then that, I can’t see why he’s not unlocked.

Just unlocking em for S’s and giggles. Yeah, i’m not sure why he didn’t unlock, I got the edit groove mode unlocked right after I beat him and that saved…not sure. I’m gonna try it again tonight.

There a minimum difficulty level? Default is 3 stars.

God Damn, I’m blown away.

I just went through a ratio match X4 Ryu…no losses, God Rugal shows up, I beat him straight out. Ending shows, card saves…and hes not selectable.

Is ratio not allowed?

Gotta catch 'em all.

We can close this thread, I am a complete idiot.

Its been so long since I played CvS that I had forgotten that I needed certain tasks complete before facing the bosses. I was fighting Rugal the whole time :P.

Needless to say I faced U. Rugal earlier and beat em for the unlock.

I will say this though…I also got up to the end with a 4 point N groove Ryu and U. Rugal showed up instead of Shin Akuma even though I was using N Groove which is very strange

Sorry to have wasted everyones time.


Heh, yeah I know :stuck_out_tongue:

The game does seriously annoy me though. I use full SNK characters with an SNK groove and I stil get G. Rugal instead of Shin AKuma.

I’m pretty close to giving up on the whole thing.