Goddamit, Sentinel is the Chuck Norris of MvC3!

all i have to say is a character used by 90% of the nubs on mvc3 needs to be nerfed… his damage is ridiculous in x factor. zero skill needed to win.

where can we complain about this so the makers will actually do something about it?

btw don’t hate i know the game is made up of cheap ass characters but the sentinel trumps them all…

WTF was Doomsday51225 thinking when he decided to make his own thread rather than post in one of the ( several ) threads where people can actually whine about this shit?

WTF was Doomsday51225 thinking when he decided pitching a fit on Shoryuken.com was a better use of his time than leveling up his fucking game?

lvling up my game? im ranked in the 40’s ass. i respect good sentinel players like the number 1 slot. my beef is players that have 16 wins 80 losses decide to mash buttons and win.

also who the f*** are you? been here how long? i can post what ever i want its a free website.

I like your sig, lololololololololololololololololololol

Shouldn’t you abide by your own sig

Just pick Sentinel as well and show the “nubs” how it’s done amirite?

haha lets have a laugh. stop whining has to do in game. i love how no one agrees with me that he’s over powered in xfactor mode.

i could care less how much you guys want to flame on this thread im only interested in people who agree with me.

Take this shit to the general discussion. We are lucky enough to have one…

I would love it if people stopped posting complaints actually. :lol:

i came here cuz the community is strong on this website and it always has been. just wanted to know how others were dealing with this.

sry didn’t think there was a certain place for this i just thought sentinel thread would be the area to discuss the sentinel.

certainly not by making useless threads…

I do agree that Sentinel is completely god tier in this game (with or without xfactor), but instead of complaining I simply added him to my team so now it’s all good.

i wish i could do that but i’d feel bad about selling out my team. thats good advice though, i just wish there was a patch coming out and that capcom knows how ridiculous his damage is.


Although he was originally on my team cause he looked cool and had a badass theme.
Rather silly reasons but w/e.

then take this shit to gamefaqs, they love to bitch and ingratiate themselves with self serving whine fests. you’d be better served there as misery loves company. come here if you want to learn how to beat sent. whining and learning how to beat something are two different things. we know that sent is currently to strong, doesnt mean he will be 6 months from now when people know how to fight him. whine somewhere else. or learn.


This is Mahvel Baybee!! You want balance go play SSF4. Oh how about this idea, make a new strat or change up your team and stop thinking you should be able to beat 36 different characters with the same strat and combos @_@


like i said not interested.

  1. Capcom knows how broken he is, this game went through extensive play testing.

  2. MAHVEL DOES NOT GET PATCHED!!! If you want balance across the board and be able to beat every character with a very lilttle modified verison of whatever it is you’re doing then go play something else.

so capcom doesnt patch its games? is that a fact? if so i didnt know that and i should just save my breath.