It’s hard as hell for me to link c lk c lk s mp or c lk c lp s mp/c mp into the rekkas. How do you time it?


So you can get the cr lk lk mp to combo, right? Just have trouble with the rekka’s? Just negative edge the first hit of the chain.


Actually, I have troubles starting after the two initial attacks. I rarely get in the mp, much less the rekkas.


its simple once u get it.

youkno when u time c.lk c. lk? just wait a little bit longer then hit c.mp

but c.lp into c.mp requires different timing.
you have to tap c.mp faster then after c.lk

just practice a bit and ul get it.


personally, lp into mp is much easier.

Get it down, Kim and Mai have exact timing for that combo so if you play those guys it helps.


Just keep trying c. lk -> c. mp Once you get that timing down 90% of the time, just add another c. lk in the beginning start cancelling the c. mp

I usually just break down combos into small sections and slowly work my way to the full combo. That works for me :slight_smile:


yeah I agree lp, mp is alor easier.

just count as u tap like for lp,lk,mp is like 1 2 . 3
taptap… tap
for lp to mp its like 1, 2 tap tap

after that u should go to c.mp s.mp then rekka.


Alright, I’ma practice some fo this tonight, thanks


Whats a rekka?

BTW good strats on button pushin ^^


a rekka is when u do qcf p with kyo