Goddess Fu-Sung's Female Gaming Wiki: ELENA

Hey guys my name is Fu-Sung Cookye but I go by the tentitive title: Goddess Fu-Sung. I only utilize female characters in all fighting games that I play and so I wanted to contribute a “mastery” guide on how to go about using Elena for a tournament via: Devistation, Evo, NECX etc. People that know who I am, know that I play at the Chinatown Fair Arcade “training grounds” in NYC Chinatown on the East Coast. I’m reconized for my ability to imitate, sing and create gestures during game play competition or game play practice. With that said lets make the strategy on Elena begin.

First off we wanna understand the most important thing first before we begin. REMEMBER TO HAVE FUN TAKE YOUR TIME AND BE GOOFY! That the first step to excelling in the world of the fighting game universe. This strategy is accompainied by a strategy video which a link is provided after the concept Idenitication, This is the format that I create for all my female strategies that way people see who I am and how I’m performing the strategy. :tup::chat:

                                             (Concepts Identification)
  1. She has no projecties as well all know so what is the big deal with her and why her? Elena’s combat game is her ability to poke, jab, and “nit-pick” away at her opponents life points. Get this down pact and were already in the Ball Park ^_^!

  2. Elena during game play relies on “Buffers” (EX Specials) to successfully connect combos together for overall infliction of the opponents life points. Since Caporea is her martial art, it is a system of combative movments based on rythem & beats in response to the opponents offensive attacks. This already means that one must have or create a solid concept and understanding of the opponents fighting style in order to apply the appropriate strategy needed to defend aginst the opposition.

  3. Elena uses great flexability which exercised properly can be used in confuse and create utter annoyance for the opposing player fighting you. Elena also has excellent anti air tactics which give her one of few characters in SF 3rd Strike a quick stunt meter.

  4. Combine buffers, adiquate parry tactic, turtling, offensive and defensive strategy and were Gold.

Here below is the link to the video strategy:


cool ass video. I love Elena too…

Thanks a lot this video is just a part one in the near future I’ll be creating an updated video with actual gameplay footage and termanologies. It will most likely be a 3 part Youtube video so I can get all the quality footage that I need to display.

Oh shit I didn’t know you played 3s. I think I played you in SFIV one time, when it was still kinda new to cf.

Cool, cant wait for the update. I am shadowghostra in youtube btw, I commented on your video…

Oh yeah these are the games I play on tourney level followed by the characters I use.

CVS 2: Vice, Morrigan, & King or Mai, King, & Vice

SF Zero/Alpha 2 & 3: Rose

SF IV: Rose (Soon to be the new Korean Chick)

SF EX 1 2 & 3: Hokuto, Blair Dame, & Chun.Li

Rival Schools: Kiyoko

SUPER Street Fighter 2 (TURBO): Chun.Li & Cammy

Killer Instinct 1 & 2: Orchid

Mortal Kombat 2, 3, DA, Dec, Arm: Kitana, Sindel, Tanya, Jade,

SF 3 2nd Impact & 3rd Strike: Elena & Chun.Li

SVC Chaos: Shiki

Kof 95, 98, 2002, 2003, XI: Mai, King, Vice, Elizabeth, Duo Lon, Leona, Whip,

Bloddy Roar 3 & 4: Jenny the bat

Battle Arena Tohshinden: Eliis & Sophia

                                                    Import Gaming

Advanced V.G. 2: Reimi Jahana, Saki Shindou, Kaori Yanasei

Fighting Layer: Blair Dame

Asuka 120% Burning FEST: Kumi & Tamaka

is there gonna be an update coming soon?

what the fuck prince???

So this went well . …

I hate to inform you, but Duo Lon is a man.