Gods Among SRK - Consoles/Usernames




only got this on xbox atm





PSN: JokerDAndrew


PSN: Sasarix


PSN: njninja6
East Coast
In the lab but will be jumping online today.


predasus on xbox

injustice: doomsday, joker

AE: Akuma


Xbox : Meissner


Wise Fox Spirit
Console Xbox




PSN: IsshunSengeki
Location: Brisbane, Australia


Reppin’ dat PS3, Texas. My internet can be flimsy between really good and fucking terrible, just fair warning.


Oh yeah, so…I’m trying to get all the Injustice (Xbawks) players to see this, so I’m posting it in multiple threads.

There’s an Injustice metatag made for all of the 360 people. The purpose of this gamertag is solely so that you guys can add it, and then view the friends list of said tag. This way, you can see what all the other Injustice peeps are doing, add some new friends, or find some games that aren’t with randoms. I check the account at least once a day for new adds, so check back every now and then and it’ll probably have more people.

Just go add “SRK Injustice”

Hop on it people!


Add me to the list for Xbawks: Akimbo Fish I’m in California


PSN: ChefGunz
Location: Boston


PSTripple: unityd3v (US), jpnd3v (jpn), pinakaguwaping (SEA)


Xbox: triggatre18


PSN: J-Nav212


PSN: Datdudeiceman191


PSN: Franchise54-_-

Got a mic and love to play long sets.