Gods Garden x 4Gamer Interview: AE First Impressions (2/2) Gouken

They talk just a little about gouken. Just thought Id post this here. Your thoughs?

Mago: I heard Gouken also got pretty strong?

Nemo: I think he did. The command for his Parry move changed, so you don?t get Hurricane Kicks on accident.

Hiropon: Plus EX Hurricane locks the opponent in now, so you can use it as an anti-air. Then his LP Dash Punch no longer moves forward, so it connects off of crouching jab. You can also do stuff like MP -> c.HP ? > MP Dash Punch now.

Mago: Wow, he can combo off of light moves [?] now.

Hiropon: You can also cancel jumping MP into Air Hurricane, and if you do the roundhouse version, the last hit takes them really far. Maybe not full screen, but it?s annoying enough.

Mago: Gouken?s back dash was really bad before. But now everyone?s back dash is considered airborne at the end, so it?s hard to chase after them.

Itabashi: Was it everyone? Dan runs backwards, though.

Mago: That was already considered airborne before.

Itabashi: Oh really? I had no clue (laughs).

well there u go

I’m really looking forward to the airborne backdash, a lot of people don’t understand how useful that will be.

Goes to show that even the pros don’t have complicit understanding of every last character.

My first impressions are that this is what I’ve been waiting for. Jmp>mid air tatsu is dope and a great pace change. Timing is somewhat tight it seemed. No worries its easy enough. Lpalm to end poex is dope! Hadn’t realized it would be this powerful!
If you’ve played yet you would feel that he is faster and more deadly. He feels really cleaned up.

I wish hiropon still played on xbl I haven’t beat his sagat since vanilla…

Yeah, the problem was never getting a tatsu, the problem was always getting a low counter.

Lol thats what i said when I first read it.