Gods of Juri

I’m sorry but I’m having trouble finding the pro players of Juri from Japan, America, or anywhere else on the globe.

Or at least, I wanna see some tournament like matches with Juri.
I just wanna see how she is played by various different pros, thats all.

Would any of you guys know?

Game has been out for a month. I’m not certain anyone is truly “Pro” with her yet like they would be any of the other non-Hakan cast. We’re still figuring out what goes where, and when.

Video thread? There have been videos posted of John Choi and Floe both using Juri… including video’s of Floe using Juri and taking her to the finals vs Alex Valle at MWC. I’ve seen a number of other tournament level play with Juri just off keeping a few youtube subs going.

Floe and Choi are gonna be your best bets, like krimsonstudios said. Search Youtube or in that video thread to see them in action. Floe’s Juri is especially interesting.

Poongko uses an amazing Juri as well. His punishing isn’t all that great, but his zoning and FSE pressure is godlike.

Search for Kura Juri on youtube of you want to see Japanese Juri play.

Is it wrong that when I red the “Gods of” part, I thought of this?

Why would you want to watch someone else play your character?

Learn your own style of Juri-fu.

Seeing how someone else approaches your character can broaden your view.

No one is god with juri yet.

Yeah basically. We’re still trying to wrap our heads around FSE, even the pros are conflicted as to how to use it. There are some really good Juri players, but nothing godly yet.

Watching/reading about/discussing how other people play characters is why this entire character discussion subforum exists…plus if you think it’s not worth watching someone that’s much better with your character than you are, you have a lot to learn…just sayin’.

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Well I guess it’s my own personal approach to playing this game but I like to develop my own style with a character before I try to watch how “pros” use her. Of course it is valuable to learn from watching someone play your character, but your own style of play should be a reference point.

I’m a Sakura player at heart. Recently Sanford Kelly has been using Sakura in money matches, tourneys etc. Of course I wanna see him play Sakura but I’m not switching my entire way of playing. I’m still in the lab trying to better my Sakura style.

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Well yeah, that’s what you should be doing. That extra input from other players is still valuable though…I’ve got a friend that plays a pro-level Ken and is picking up Dudley in Super…he watched (and played against, multiple times) another guy that mained Gouken and was similarly picking Dudley up. After a couple of mirror matches and then matching each other’s Dudley’s against their respective best characters, he walked away saying how much he learned about Dudley’s strengths and how many of his assumptions about Dudley had just been proven wrong. Sometimes watching other people – pro or not – play your character opens your eyes to things you may not have realized on your own.

Well Kuraudokin has a really sick juri but there aren’t too many vids of him online yet.

No one is exceptional with Juri just yet.

agreed…i saw his juri vs gameinn daigo ryu and kura put out a good fight

The top ranked player on xbox live is a Juri player named “CAT GIRLx”, she has above 20,000 battle points.

CAT GIRLx is apparently rubbish and a booster or something like that, can’t remember.

Start here:

Alex Valle (Ryu) vs Floe (Juri) - MWC Grand Finals