Godsgarden # 2.5


Dates. August 21, 2010
Start time 17:00 ?final 28:00

Place.tokyo Asagaya, Loft A
- Asagaya / Loft A - ?A?N?Z?X?}?b?v

GODSGARDEN # 2.5 Tournament Rules

GODSGARDEN # 2.5 and the main event tournament, the familiar
Double Elimination (consolation) + Fortune Box (rejected nomination) system.
In addition to stability and responsiveness skills, and the question of bargaining power.

  1. Only one character Character is available at the registered entry.

  2. Ultra combo of every game can be changed freely.
    Pool play

  3. All contestants are divided into eight leagues. Each league will be up to seven.

  4. League tables will be published the day before.
    If you get a day and absentee, may make bogus league.

  5. And in the round robin league. Each play is performed in one game preoccupied.

  6. They will enter the tournament with many players win matches.

  7. If it was the same number of games won, the final round robin conducted by all the players
    Determined. In this case, if the same number of games were played against at least three wins,
    Consider the round against the decision.
    League Final

  8. Nomination is contested and rejected Daburuerimineshon system anomalies.

  9. Each game leading the first two games, leading the first and only the final three games.

#2.5 ??? ? GODSGARDEN??? ???

Offline Tournament Basic Rules

Round the same meaning as in the game. GODSGARDEN in all three rounds, the
The game will be preoccupied with winning the second round.

Is a measure of outcome. Leading the first qualifying league games, leading the first two games in a tournament game system up to 3
The tournament will win the final three games against the lien system in five games.

Combination of units of the Games. Is determined to advance to the top league scoreline.
The tournament lost the round to play at 1 Losers Stage.
Before the match

  1. Event Start Time
    Will wait at the start of the event venue. Ensure management staff who moderated the instructions,
    Follow the directions. If you are not around the beginning of the event management staff at the Chair declared
    There was no player will be contacted within 5 minutes abstention Games

  2. Game starts
    The player operates at least three times to call the game.
    Players do not call us within the first five minutes, the game will be lost.

  3. Stick / Controller Check
    The war against stick / controller settings / and tested.
    Settings button at the same time / can be used. Functional use of fire is prohibited.
    If you started a fire fight while the feature, that player will be disqualified tournament.
    During the game

  4. Stick / controllers bring
    Players can bring a stick and controllers. But
    PS3/XBOX can not be specified. Please follow the gaming convention to prepare.

  5. Character selection mistake
    Report an error only if the character selection before the game can be once again
    It is. The second game will be lost.

  6. Mischoice Ultra Combo
    You can choose the ultra combo again. Even if you’ve selected the wrong
    Please just play.

  7. Pause during the game, stop game
    If you press pause during the game for no good reason, the press will defeat their game.
    If you cancel during the match game without good reason, that the game will be stopped and defeated.

  8. Stick / Controller malfunction
    Stick / report the bad condition of the controller, press pause during the game.
    Check the operation, confirmed the slump if the game will even go round again.
    Check the operation, but could not confirm if the player presses the pause slump
    Defeat and the round.
    Malfunction can not redo the play. The unit will play again.
    ??? ? GODSGARDEN??? ???

Entry List GODSGARDEN # 2.5
Guy ranking position BP1

Strip fighter4(dan)
Dan Top Players

tokido (gouki)

Haneyama (Chun-Li) sf4 Grandmaster

Aqua (ibuki) sf4 Grand Master, Sagat

mahou syoujyo zangitan (zangief) sf4 Grand Master, Zangief
Tokyo Game Night !! - GODSGARDEN#2.5 ???

A group
Mago (FLN), HIROPON (STH), keshikaranG, (ROS), ushikiyo (CMY), GGsen (HKN), YuiTomo
(MBS), hogehoge0123 (GUY)

B group
tokido (GOK), fizzy (RYU), Kenta (FLN), Godman (EFT), getuyou (RFS), Nakiru(CMY), moyomoto(ROS)

C group
Nemo (CHU). Furimaru (IBK), tukimiya kiryu (GUY), Bull410 (THK), tk584 (ADN), Seizooo (ZNG), lomcat (DDL)

D group
Haneyama (CHN), shipuu jinrai Kenmasu (KEN), Bullcat (GKN), Nyanshi (RYU), Maki (CMY), Iyun (RFS), Cono (RYU)

E group
Maho syoujyo Zangitan (ZNG), route (BRG), titimonda Honda (VEG), R (GUY), ElvenShadow (ROS), Asuka (GOK), karono (CDY)

F group
Tonpi (CVP), reiketu hidou (BRG), Sotec (MBS), nakanishi (RYU), masuo (MKT), BLENR
(IBK), ragajin (MBS)

G group
Aqua (IBK), Hisaya (KEN), Makopu (VEG), Almfelt (GOK), suilen(ROS), gakky (RYU), ramune (ADN)

H group
inco (RFS), Matsudaira drill (GEN), kokujin (RYU), STRIPFIGHTERIV(DAN), Aberiti (ABL), tomato (CDY), keke (CHN)


I love this format, I think it should be adopted by more tournament organizers.

edit: this is double elim, I was hoping it would be the First To Ten (Best of 20) setting daigo speaks about in this video



Fuck yes!Hope he does well.His Guy is probably the best around at the moment.


C’mon Makoto get your ass on the list and rep the Claw.


Daburuerimineshon = Double Elimination

Sorry, that just bugged me. Went through the entry list and saw a Cammy and an Ibuki. I hope they do well. I really want to see some high level Ibuki play in a tournament.


Damn I thought there’d be videos of this, not yet maybe ?


I agree I like watching high lvl Guys and his is basically the best one so far. Hopefully he decides to stick to him in super and not switch back to Akuma.

tsukimiya on USTREAM: ??? ust ---- ??? ???(main character) ?? (GUY) ?? (AKUMA) ---- ??4???MASTER??? ??4??


It starts next month…


so what’s the date for this event?


Did you guys not read the op?




Engrish of this epicness automatically (otomatikare?) receives the Mecha Seal of Approval.


I didn’t understand shit about the format, is this a google translation? can someone explain it to me in plain english?


Oh it is double elimination? I thought it would be the format Daigo speaks about in this IPW interview -



Cheering for any Chun that shows up, and the Dan player!


I hate to be a stickler, but that’s not engrish. Its engrish if they tried to make it look like proper English and ended up with something like doubre erimination but that is just the romanization of how you actually say “Double Elimination” in Japanese


you should go out more often…


yea his Guy is so Godlike.


So he should get out more when he took the time to learn another language and you troll forums? Makes perfect sense. Sorry that seeing easily translatable Katakana didn’t get translated and bugged us. Those 2 years of learning Japanese in college should just just never be used.

Also, I there is more then one Cammy registered now. Yay!