GODSGARDEN 2! Info + Schedule + Lineup inside!

GodsGarden: Chapter 2 – In cooperation with Tokyo Game Night and Shinjuku Loft Plus One!
Site: http://godsgarden.jp/pc/modules/contents/index.php?content_id=10
Date: Saturday, March 6th, starting at 3pm, finishing on Sunday, March 7th at 5am.
Place: Shinjuku Loft Plus One (Map: http://www.loft-prj.co.jp/PLUSONE/img/map.gif)
Address: Shinjuku-ku, Kabukicho 1-14-7 Hayashi Building 2nd Basement
Phone: 03-3205-6864
**Live Streaming? YES ** – URL for Stream will be available soon.
The main tournament will include 16 of Japan’s finest players who have been voted into the tournament, plus on-site qualifying tournaments for those who did not get in. In addition there will be a female/beginner’s tournament, and a console character only tournament! Like the first GodsGarden event, expect the staff to do some online matches with people while the qualifying tournament is running!

Here are the players who are confirmed to be attending the event:

  • Mago
  • Uryo
  • Kyabetsu
  • wao
  • Dragonboy
  • Ojisanboy
  • Chuuashi Zesshou TKD
  • Maeda Taison
  • Dashio
  • Yazu
  • Tokido
  • Momochi
  • Nyanshi
  • Kokujin
  • Bull410 (SRK Member)
  • AC Revenger
  • Kindevu
  • Tasaki
  • Shippjinrai Kenma
  • Nyuumonda Honda
  • Saito
  • Itabashi Zangief
  • Akua
  • Reno (ME)

Timetable - All Times are in Japan Time
2:00pm - Event opents, entries for on-site qualifiers begin
3:00pm - Ladies / Beginners tournament runs until semi-finals
4:00pm - On-site Qualifying Tournament Begins
6:00pm - On-site Qualifying Tournament Ends
6:00pm - Ladies / Beginners tournament Semi-Finals and Grand Finals
6:30pm - Console Character Only Tournament Begins
6:30pm - Online Matches begin
7:00pm - Console Character Only Tournament Semi-Finals and Grand Finals
7:30pm - On-site Qualifiers Tournament Semi-Finals and Grand Finals
8:00pm - GodsGarden 2 Main Tournament Begins
2:00am - GodsGarden 2 END
2:00am - Closing Awards Ceremony
2:30am - Concept Matches
4:00am - EVENT END

Ladies / Beginners Tournament
Single Elimination, Ladies have no restrictions, Male players with an arcade BP of 20,000 or less or a console BP of 2,000 can enter.

Console Characters Only Tournament
Single Elimination, Sakura, Rose, Fei long, Cammy, Gen, Dan, Seth and Gouken are the only characters allowed. The winner of this tournament gets an automatic invitation to the next GodsGarden event!

Online Matches
Players can join online lobbies that will be open at the above time to play some of the top players in Japan! Both PS3 and 360 consoles will be available, so just keep trying until you get in! However if the lag becomes unplayable the player at GodsGarden has the right to disconnect at any time.

In other to attend GodsGarden, you MUST purchase a ticket beforehand at your nearest Lawson convenience store. The ticket is 3,000yen, and the L-Code when you go to the store is 34635, and here is the link to confirm (http://l-tike.com/pc/d1/AA01G04F1.do?txtEvtCd=34635&txtPerfDay=20100306&txtPerfSeq=+&venueCd=30817&srcID=AA02G01)

Once you have purchased your ticket, go to this site (http://tgn.himitsukichi.com/sf4/tgn16form) and fill out the form. Here is what it is in English:
Player Name (Kanji)
Player Name (Furigana)
Character you are going to use
E-mail address
Check which tournaments you are entering (first is on-site qualifier, second is ladies/beginners, third is console only character tournament)
Purchased ticket number
Your blog/website if you have one
Any comment you wish to enter

Post reserved in case more info is added.

Nice, I wanna see how Nemo plays this game one last time. I like the lineup.

darn, daigo isn’t playing ?

I think im going to this. Ill probably get a ticket later today.

I have a few questions though…

Can you buy the tickets at Family Mart or is this Lawson exclusive?

Does the cost of the ticket covers the entry fee for all 3 tournaments?

For the beginners tournament, do you NEED a card? I dont usually play with a card at the arcade. Can I just enter without one? I think my online BP was like 3000 last time I checked (I havnt played online in months), does this qualify me to enter or does it have to be below 2000 or…?

Can you bring booze?

Once you enter, can you leave and come back in if you wanted to go to the conbini or get food or whatever?

Im in Shinjuku every weekend anyway so this sounds like fun. Im not an extremely serious SFIV player as my main game is Guilty Gear but I think this sounds like fun and would like to play and watch (and drink after I lose lol)

Lawson only.


They are playing on console, so there is no card. They are only asking that your BP is below 20K in arcade or below 2000 on console. They are hoping (keyword here) that those who have above 20K/3K BP will be honest and not enter.

I have no idea on this.

I’m pretty sure you can but hopefully one of the GG staff from Japan will answer these two questions.

Want to go. So bad. Yet, cannot. :sad:

Reno, you’re taking home the gold, right?

In case a ticket can’t be bought until this weekend, but if I still want to enter the tournaments, will there be a cap on tournament entries? More specifically, is time a factor in getting the tickets?

The on-site qualifying tournament is limited to 56 players.

When did they start taking registration? If the forms are all online this might already be full, is there some sorta pre-reg list anywhere?

Also, what about the console only and beginners tournaments? Is there a cap on those as well?

Calling it: Nothing but Seth mirrors for the console tournament.

Edit: Are any of the confirmed players entering allowed to sign up for the console-only tournament?

Also, since the tournament is on console, are console characters allowed to be used in the standard tournament?

Can you bring booze?
That part will be NO. Shinjuku Loft Plus One is Bar/Event Hall. You cant’t bring,but you can buy booz.
I got my ticket and finished filling form. I’m entering beginner and console only tournament.

I am all signed up for the tournaments. Look forward to seeing everyone there!

Although I do have one remaining question from the signup. Which is the actual ticket code that I was supposed to enter? I put in 43, because it says at the bottom of the ticket ???43, but there were two other codes on there. I wasn’t really sure which. Can you let me know if it’s that or the other ones, because I can contact them with the correct code if I entered the wrong one. Thanks Reno.

ok well as long as I can do some drinking

Anyway, I signed up so ill be there. I entered all 3 tournaments but I dunno if they will even let me in the main one. Ill just play whatever they let me participate in. Should be fun regardless.

Oh yea one more question (sorry for all the questions)… Should we bring our own stick or will they provide all the sticks?

gonna sign up soon, no sagats in my bracket please

Looking forward to this. GG1 ran a great stream and was one of my favorite events to watch last year.

e: What time zone is it in? +9?

Thanks for your register.
We provide arcade sticks for each console. so you don’t need to bring your stick.
HORI RAP3 Premium VLX*2 (special preview for GODSGARDEN !!)
Madcatz TE *10
and other sticks…

Of course you can bring your own stick !

Im still working on trying to get a ticket, am mad broke at the moment. I cant miss this, last years was a blast.

Really appreciate you posting this Reno. Can’t wait to see nemo play again!

Sorry for butting in on this thread, but who is Hachigashira? Usually only the top name players play in this, but I’ve never heard of him. (Unless it’s Niconico Mark/Fujisawa?)