GodsGarden discussing EVO matches (GamerBee vs JWong, Daigo vs Arturo)


GODSGARDEN 07/12/10 01:12PM, GODSGARDEN 07/12/10 01:12PM godsgarden on USTREAM. Video Game Marathon

This is really cool. Godsgarden watching EVO matches and discussing them, most notably the Gamerbee vs. Justin match, Vangief vs. Justin, and the Daigo vs. Arturo money match. Unfortunately I can only pick out a few things they’re saying and am not fluent enough in Japanese to really understand their discussion. Can anybody post a rough summary?

You’ll have to skip 30 minutes into the video before they start watching matches


I don’t know any japanese but they seem to focus a lot on Arturo giving Diago a bro hug and diago being shocked enough to almost sit on his fight stick.


HAHAHA…I can’t believe they notice that lol. . . .


lol @ them laughing about the pronounciation of Vangief… and the hype levels of Justin Wong.

I didn’t listen to too much of it, but IMO the commentary is rather boring, they’re just examining the matches in a very scientific way and talking about frame data, play styles, etc. with the occasional joke thrown in.


Second hand from a friend who was Translating excerpts from the godsgarden chat. I’ll post what I can remember.
-The Japanese players are surprised that Americans are rooting for Justin to lose. Possibly they regard their best player, Daigo, as their “captain”. Figured that the American contingency would be behind him, especially against a foreign player.
-They’re very impressed by Arturo’s Dhalsim. Best US Dhalsim. However, they’re surprised to see him lose to Guile.
-At this point, they have already seen Daigo’s thrilling FT5 with Arturo. They joked that they wish they could money match in Japan (gambling is illegal in Japan).
-Also surprised that the same Guile lost easily to Henry Cen’s Dhalsim, which is more offensive but not as good as Arturo’s.
-They are baffled by Justin’s random Ultras. They assume that he is trying to catch Jaguar Kicks.
-KSK claims he would not allow Gamerbee to use Jaguar Kick so freely.
-Gamerbee’s execution is godlike, as well as his reaction. Very impressive.
-On Killerbee vs Henry Cen, they are surprised that Adon won so easily. They feel that Honda is perhaps one of the most difficult matchups for Adon.
-Mago asks who came in second. KSK responds “Ricky”. Mago immediately recognizes as “Ricky Ortiz”. “Very dangerous” he says.
-They give a lot of respect to Ricky’s ability.
-Ricky Big Bang Typhooning through a point blank EX Hadoken. “impossible” says KSK. “not for Ricky” says Mago. The others agree that it is “not humanly possible”. (Later in the match, Ricky does a random Big Bang Typhoon to no effect, maybe confirming that the first one was just an educated guess.)

I went to bed at this point as it was 4am for me. I told my friend to message me with any interesting commentary from Godsgarden. I’ll post anything interesting or noteworthy, as well as anything I forgot.


Hmm this is interesting. More translations please! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info, much appreciated!


They should do their MM like pachinko. Ft5 gets a bar of soap which someone buys off of them for $50.


Keep it up, this stuff is great.


Mago said his favorite player is Vandief.
He thinks Justin’s ultra select (vs Vandief) and Justin didnt use okizeme are wrong.?
He thinks Rufus have to use okizeme vs Zangief.

sorry for my bad english :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for info and translation, good to see that they are watching Evo.


They definitely will be watching it in Sept. lol. As will we.


KSK has stated that while the GodsGarden series doesn’t currently have foreign players on their votelist, he may consider it due to Evolution results.


Chris Hu is so hype even they had to imitate his gdlk commentary. “I don’t shinki sho! I don’t shinki so!”

Loved Mago’s respect towards Ricky.


I’m really impressed with Sabin’s performance in the money match.

He should have taken the last round.

Daigo is known to be able to clutch it out at critical moment, so taking risk with daigo is not a good bet.

If Sabin lame it out at the last moment, he might have won.

Maybe he’s rich and don’t care, but I really wish he could take that $500 from daigo. The beast won too much $$$ that weekend already.


Yeah, Ricky is pretty much just as accomplished as Justin, but not quite as well known. In CvS2, he was almost a perennial top 4, usually finishing ahead of Justin. Justin is more successful in MvC2. He and Daigo ate the only ones in Top 8 in both 2009 and 2010.

Ricky has been to SBO too. The Japanese players have known him for years.

KSK was the one who was surprised that Justin is more of a villain than a hero in America, especiallt since he’s the best. Said that when he met Justin, he seemed like a nice guy.


I’m not the least bit surprised. People lower than the best usually hate on the best (not everyone does this-I don’t care either way about Justin). We know Daigo is a great player, BUT we don’t see Daigo competing over here as we do see Justin compete, so people put the hate on Justin.


I don’t think people was hating on Justin. I think people just wanted the underdog to win. Not to say that Gamer Bee is an underdog, but most of us would probably not think that an Adon would make it that far.


Yeah, i think a lot of it was just cheering for an underdog. I was also surprised that floe put out Tokido after he was hyped so much for me.


I think it was more of cheering on Adon than rooting against Justin… at least that’s what I was doing…

Not to mention those sick cancels into Adon’s super were pretty hype.