Godsgarden LG monitors

a while back on versuscity.net i saw that they used some LG monitors on godsgarden, anybody know which ones im talking about? any help would be nice.

also, anybody know if they’ve changed the monitors since?

im debating whether to get the alienware evo monitor or the one they used in godsgarden.


Found the model number way back. Don’t remember it anymore, but the model isn’t Sold in the US. If you go on their global site it is easy to pick out because it has the bar at the bottom.

LG W2753V-PF I bought mine at frys electronics a while
back I want to say almost nine months ago. I could not find
one single honest indepth review for the entire
time I have had this monitor. And I google it
all the freaking time just to see if anything pops up. I have played on
numerous displays while trying to find the perfect
gaming tv, and In my opinion this tv is the closest
I have gotten to having CRT like input while still keeping
a HD apeal. My stopwatch test didn’t turn out
so well because my camera was not fast enough
to get a decent reading. But if you game on xbox 360 and you buy the VGA hookups
for it I swear it blow you away how much more time you will feel you have to do those
links and react. Once again just my thoughts

I actually find quite a few results for that model number…
Newegg sells it for 399.99 (Newegg.com - LG W2753V-PF Black 27" 2ms(GTG) HDMI Full HD 1080P Widescreen LCD Monitor 400 cd/m2 50000:1 w/ Smart Package).
I honestly can’t see anything that would make me want to buy this instead of the Asus monitor line that is 2ms, other than size (I’ve seen the Asus models up to 25", if I’m correct).

LG Has a couple of good monitor’s/tv, That are very CRT Feeling with the HD Quality.

There 22’ but they don’t sell it anymore, I don’t think the one im talking about they have a few models of it but there was a model that i have that feels like a CRT also always search for it on newegg they normally have reviews for all there products

Uh actually the latest Godsgarden used Flatron 2363v
a model not available in the usa at all

Dont know who you might be correcting, But i dislike the looks of a flatron 2363v, It looks horrible that little glowing bar at the bottom is retarded, Also whats it matter if he gets the same specs from both monitors/tv

the manufacturers’ specs have nothing to do with input lag/delay, read the techtalk HDTV thread sometime

I am sorry I thought he said “a while back” I didn’t know
that they had recently updated.

i already got the evo TV (asus) and i was looking for something else, very interesting im gonna debate on whether to get this one, the evo tv 2010 (alienware), and im gonna do some searching for the flatron, thanx a bunch guys!

the lg w2363d gaming monitor has been tested to have zero lag with thru mode enabled. i ordered one. will update when i get it.

I have the lg w2363v. It’s the white version with 2ms. It seems lagless but I haven’t found any comprehensive reviews. All I know is my friends wanted one becuase they were able to perform most of their combos without any problems.

I just want to know how much less lag it has.

Hopefully I can find a comparison to both versions.

I don’t know if anyone will read but I tested the W2253V because I care share the internet about product. There’s a lot to watch but represent an idea how much the W2253V lag.(By the way, it’s 1 frame of lag)

Video lag test are displayed at 50% speed, 1sec=2sec. Youtube framerate is limited at 30fps, but the original video have been recorded at 60fps.

Laptop vs CRT

LZ800 vs laptop

W2253V vs LZ800

W2253V test with SSFIV(left side 360 version, right side PS3 version)