LOL Sounds his mission is accomplished!

you also forgot ChocoBlanka.

Fuudo stole love after winning GodsGarden.

Capcom invited Uryo to official tournament (natsu no jin) on August 28.

:rofl: broken? Not even close.

lol i was just joking
sarcasm doesnt work well over the internet

It begins…

My emoticon didn’t work either. :frowning:

this godsgraden rule is very interesting. you can force two strong players to fight eachothers very early. add another level of mind into it.

this is the first round.
[]Hanamaruki challenged Sako. He accepted.
]ItaZan challenged Haitani. He refused.
[]Mochi challenged ItaZan. He accepted.
]KOK challnged Umehara. He accepted.
[]RF challenged Kazunoko. He accepted.
]Cabbage challenged Tokido He accepted.
[]Uryo challenged Nemo. He accepted.
]Momochi challenged Haitani. (Rule: You can’t refuse twice.)
[*]Fuudo has no choice but facing Poongko.
since nobody wants to fight Fuudo and poongko, they will have fight eachothers in the first round.

winner second round

[]Mochi challenged Tokido. He accepted.
]Kazunoko challenged Sako. He refused.
[]Umehara challenged Fuudo. He refused.
]Fuudo challenged Sako. (Rule: You can’t refuse twice.)
[]Nemo challenged Momochi. He accepted(Nemo thinks Momochi is the weakest yun of the three)
]Kazunoko has no choice but to face Umehara.
nobody wants to fight Kazunoko and Umehara. they have to fight eachother. they don’t even want to fight eachothers in tournament. lol

later in loser round

[]Tokido challenged RF. He refused.
]RF challenged Kazunoko. He refused.
[]Uryo challenged Kazunoko.
]Tokido has no choice but RF.

Fuudo won 250,000 yen which is like 3200 dollars. Not bad.

hahaha damn that was fuckin hype… by the end of the event my body felt like its just got hit by hokuto hyakuretsu ken, too tired after not sleeping for 24 hours… reached home at around 830am and body system crashed at 9am lol

at least this time there were less execution errors compared to last time where the players were more noticably tired (guess they learned from last time and get ample sleep before coming to the event – unlike most spectators who reached at 3pm the earliest, the invited players reached the place at around 10pm ish)

i was in group A, one player no showed, i won once against a hakan player(who everyone beats lol)… and lost vs everyone else. the worst being vs poongko and eita. the rest were close matches + stupid execution errors. i didnt get to play much and somehow didnt used to the lag/timing of combos, sure its an excuse but not saying that imma beast everyone if theres no lag or anything, my opponents were definitely levels above me, some are the same level as me though.

missed a lot of the quals matches because went to an izakaya with kim1234, choco, zhi, xian and friends… only to get back and see hanamaruki sagat landing random “yomi” ultras against viper lol

one thing i learned from this event, japan stream monsters > others. players/godsgarden stuff been getting free drinks/food all night. lol

as for this

not true with kindevu since he didnt get voted for evil ryu, he decided to enter the qualifiers playing evil ryu.

oh and they were recording the group matches on a computer, so they might release those videos later

Really ? He was listed 19th on the fan vote results with Evil Ryu… Hdxeno posted the list page 29 of this thread.

He could enter the qualifier with the character of his choice despite that ?

But only the top 10 of the voted gets in for free.

For the on the day qualifiers you can enter with any character you want. Kindevu might wanna please the fans/haters and play evil ryu but he didnt have to do so. Or just for the hell of it. I think he said in an interview with CrossCounter TV that its all depending on his mood.

How the hell does those players manage to stay awake and alert for their games while drinking bear at the same time?

Thanks for the clarification.

I’m sure they also served coffee there lol.

they couldn’t. you see alot of drop combo the longer that they play. uryo dropped more combo than normal. maybe because the console timing is different. momochi lost a round because he couldn’t do shoulder to genin jin. he did shoulder, but genin jin didn’t came out.

Than normal? The dude did like ten 1f links in a row lol.

Nearly everyone at that tourney was dropping combos. It was one of the first things I noticed. Watch Daigo’s match vs that Fei Long player (maybe KOK?). During the button-checks he was trying to do st.lk into up kicks, but the upkicks wouldn’t come out. You could see after the 2nd or 3rd try he had this puzzled look on his face. And then the first time he tried that “new” Genei Jin combo, he dropped it and lost the round.

This is live stream Super Street F​ighter IV AE X​ SBO [SUMMER B​ATTLE]
http://live.niconico.com/watch/lv61444689 (13:00 JST)
need niconico account to watch this.
I think if server is full, you need premium account.

Winner will get a SBO ticket.
Entry list
Notable players
Group A ACrevenger (Abel),MOV (Ken),Haneyama (Yang),Binbinman (Yun),Itazan (Zangief),Kiryu Tsukimiya (Guy)
Group B Nishikin (Blanka), Togawa (Ryu),Shin Aojiru Guile (Fei-long), Mahou Shoujo Zangitan (Zangief),
Group C Tonpy (C…Viper), Hanamaruki (Sagat),PPN (Dhalsim),
Group D Shinchan (Adon), Nyanshi (Sagat),Gassyuku (C.Viper),Bonchan (Sagat),T-SRAI (Blanka)

Seed Players
Mago (Fei Long), Tokido (Akuma), Kazunoko (Yun),Uryo (Sakura),Nekojita (Abel),Kyoku (Yang),Reiketsu Hidou (Vega),Taku@ratio4(Blanka)Icesword wo motsu otoko (Yun),Shiro (Makoto),Kamatasan (Sakura),Ryukichikun (Fei Long)

ah snap, i didnt make it into the list lol