m takin requests, will do the best to my ability to make them and how you want it

i make my avies to be top tier, so watch out :slight_smile:

PLEASE DONT RUSH ME EITHER , unless you have a real good reason for me to. And i can only work during the weekdays


request away

i’ve always wanted a cool animated avatar of Venom (Guilty Gear)

i’ll work on , im finishing one up right now for some one

pick it up RYUCHAN



pick it up snowman

nice … very nice indeed.

AV request

Hey, shenakuma I like your work I posted before hoping somone would make me one. I am looking for a very nice eddie with kool animations from ggxx, I want it to say Pimpjuice and member of the elite krew some were on it.


eddie from what game??


eddie from guilty gear xx

So whens the god tier guy gettin here?

im here, sorry but i wont be able to work on avies during the weekend, remember that, and do you mean JOHNNY pimp?

i dont remember a eddie

buhaha thats what i was thinking

no eddie?

His new name is eddie but you may know him as zato-1. he is the guy in my av now.

Thanks, sweetie…:slight_smile: I love it!

can i get an avatar of a pic of akuma, to be more specific it shows akuma leaning forward with his head sort of down and his arms spread out and its sort of dark and his eyes are glowing red, if u go to akumacombos.com and go download akuma volume 9 it shows this pic at the end of his video. I would like that pic or anything similar and it is flashing like lightning sort of slow and my gamertag, Raziel321 is flashing along with it. Thanks if u take this request, and if not maybe some other time

Don’t post the same request in multiple threads. Either take back your request from hondaluva’s thread, this thread, or both, and make a request thread of your own.

np, heh, you may have seen me get the heat over at MM, so ima start makin some better avies, i did realize i need to do something new, im glad you like it,

and everyone, i will get on your request either tonight or tomorow night, heh, i do have to work -_-*