Godweapon 3s Ranking Battles (Singles)

Season starts: August 19th
Ends: October 28th
Server: God Weapon (virginia one) or URI (When it is up)
Time: 9pm est
Ping Requirement: 50 or below

Double elimination
Swithable chars only upon loss
Super arts able to be changed if you win
No cheats
No gill
No Shin Akuma
Must play on excelent, lan or p2p

Game specifics
2/3 winners and losers
3/5 winners and losers finals
4/7 grand (losers must win 2 sets)

1st place = 10 points
2nd = 7 points
3rd = 5 points
4th = 3 points
5th = 1 point

At the end of the ranbat season there will be a prize. Not sure what yet.

August 19th Results
1 shodokan
2 nataku
3 jswey [srk]
4 DaemoN_[SRK]
5 xDarKnighTx [SRK]
5 psych0
7 magnetomaniac
7 spire [srk]
9 Rouskei X
9 WhoWeAre (SRK)
9 T-/<imura
9 Fadedsun
13 Bye
13 joshakuma
13 rusheddown
13 Bye

Those were some intese matches chi!

1st. shodokan123 (10 points)
2nd. Nataku (7 points)
3rd. jswey [srk] (5 points)
4th. xDarKnighTx [SRK] & psych0 (3 points each)
5th. magnetomaniac & spire [srk] (1 point each)

Is this gonna happen today? I see a bunch of SRK kids in godweapon.

it’s past 9pm, we’re almost done.

Ah weird, i was just goin by when the post was posted

GGs to all that I played

to everyone who doesn’t have p2p: GET IT!!!

damn…what time did you start?

9:30 pm

1st ranbat complete

grand finals came down to a 3-3 set after nataku won the first one… fucking intense!

can we jump in on this any time during the season

and start recording these matches, we could learn a lot

shit if we can jump on anytime during now and the twenty eighth im down to see whats up

arg I wish I can join.

stupid work gotta be so early!

Darkknight got 5th? wow, nice job darkknight

seriously to all noobs like me.:sweat:


and watch jap matches, watching a few ok players play wont help u.

lol yo man whens the next one…i want to get in on it to you know…lets just hope no lag abusin bitches are gonna be there and everybody can fight like a man lol…hope to play in the next one and get at least top 5

Every Sunday at 9pm EST shodokan will make a chat room,join it to enter the tourney.Get p2p too.

they are every sunday… read the first post lol

alright cool…for p2p dont we just type it in…or do i have to get that actual client and go through all the nonsense of gettin ppls IP’s and stuff…i mean with ppl under 50 ping it wont be thaat bad of a lag

p2p client is beast on .118

lol i dont see every sunday in the first post lmao step your game up shodo LOL

EDIT: oh yeah which mame do we use for these since you mentioned p2p being BEAST on .118 LOL


1st. Most people use Mame32++.117 and some use Mame32++.118u1
it’s random so I have both.

2nd. Shodokan meant the p2p client, not the /p2pon on regular kaillera
the website is http://kaillera.movsq.net/

3rd. Last tourney was 50 ping and under only, but if you can find another server or p2p where both you and your opponent have under 50, that’s fine too.

4th.The more p2p you play, the more you start to hate playing regular kaillera lag/crashing.