GodWeapon Delay Upgrade


This is for those who still play on Kaillera. If you don’t, you can stop reading now.

GodWeapon (Virginia) IP =

Some of you Kaillera veterans will remember how the old traditional Kaillera servers used to be. You can play each other on different connection types and different delays.

EmulinkerSF is almost there. GodWeapon is now featuring different delays on the SAME connection type. Before, the delay of your game was based on the player with the worse ping. Now, you will play AT YOUR DELAY with respect to your ping. What does that mean? See below…

Just an EXAMPLE:
Let’s say both players decide to play on excellent connection.
Player1 Ping = 110 ms
Player2 Ping = 17 ms

So, when these players start the game…
Player1 will be playing on a 9 frame delay
Player2 will be playing on a 3 frame delay
See table at bottom for corresponding ping/delay values.

If you guys don’t want to play on different delays (default), there is a command to play on how the previous setup was [Same delay based on user with the worse ping].
/samedelay true (Same delay based on user with the worse ping)
/samedelay false (Default. Play on delay with respect to your ping)

If all of your players fall in the same ping range, then there is no reason to do anything because you will have the same delay.

-SupraFast <3

LAN CONNECTION = Send input on every frame
0 to 16 ms… = 1 (1 frame delay)
17 to 33 ms = 2 (2 frame delay)
34 to 49 ms = 3 (3 frame delay)
50 to 66 ms = 4 (4 frame delay)

EXCELLENT CONNECTION = Send input on every second frame
0 to 33 ms… = 1 (3 frame delay)
34 to 66 ms… = 2 (5 frame delay)
67 to 99 ms… = 3 (7 frame delay)
100 to 133 ms = 4 (9 frame delay)

GOOD CONNECTION = Send input on every 3rd Frame
0 to 49 ms… = 1 (5 frame delay)
50 to 99 ms… = 2 (8 frame delay)
100 to 150 ms = 3 (11 frame delay)
151 to 199 ms = 4 (14 frame delay)

who in the right mind would play this way?
no offense, but why are you still promoting something like this? get on with the times…

Please see sentence #1. If that doesn’t inlcude you, follow sentence #2’s instruction.

Edit: I obviously had the numbers backwards; my fault. C’mon Aquashark, you should have realized that =/

When GGPO supports all games and >2 player games, I will move on. Until then, I go to GW for 4 player MvC/XVSF/MVSF, bomberman, SF3, and volleyball. I go to GGPO for 1v1 MvC.

why the fuck would you play someone with 110ms ping anyway when you have 17 ms anyway? Not to mention this gives an unfair advantage to one player and an unfair disadvantage to the other.

One guys playing in 3 frame while the other is playing in 9. This shit is absolutely retarded.

Not only that, if someone is idiotic enough to stay in 9 frame delay. They deserve to lose =P

I’m really astonished at these responses. I thought everyone was playing online fun. If you’re playing your friend and you can’t find a server at a medium, you would rather play at 9 frames as opposed to 3?

This isn’t a competition lol. Not to mention it only takes a few rounds to adjust to a delay; the brain is well capable of doing that. (Did you know if you were hung upside down for a long time, you would start to see things as you would standing normally?)

There must be some major funding source going on because it seems as if you guys are playing for a big prize that’s going to let you retire early :slight_smile:

But just to amuse you, there is a command /samedelay.
/samedelay true To play on the same delay based on the worse ping.
/samedelay false Default. To play on your delay with respect to your ping.

wow despite the responses ppl gave you supra…i may not be on GW that often but this is rly a step up from the past GW…good work on this…i mean i may agree who would play someone with 117 ping but then again nfba ppl do the same too…i played someone from Europe with that much ping so its not THAT big of a deal besides supra was giving an example with the 117 ping and 17 ping…again good work supra

Alternative options are good, plus kaillera servers are still the only way to play 3+ player games (as mentioned).

I don’t get to play much anymore, but glad you’re still working on improving things Supra.

I’m glad to see there are still some sensible people here. I appreciate the support.

I’m not denying GGPO is great and definitely the technology for the furture on online emulation. The only problem is, they don’t support all the games people like to play yet, including the 4 player and 6 Player games. So until Kaillera doesn’t exist and while GGPO doesn’t support that (if they ever will), I don’t mind spending a few moments of my free time trying to make what we have better.

I also made a Kaillera P2P client a while back when I was experimenting with CGA. I will be incorporating this into GodWeapon somehow.

I’m just making a bunch of options for people. It’s always good to have more than one option.

You have to realize, that nfba ping is different than kaillera ping. I play someone in europe with 110 ping. Thats like 4 or 5 frame delay. Which is not that big of a deal to me.

But 9 frame delay…not even tenren would play in that shit.

No offense but the fact that there is an option to still play on the same delay really shouldn’t be warranting these negative responses at all. Suprafast clearly stated that you can either play on the same delay (like normaly kaillera) or opt to play on different delays. I don’t know if people responding negatively read the whole message (sorry Spinning Beat) but the fact that this is clearly an option and not a complete change shouldn’t be warranting complaints. Its either playing it like always or you can opt to play this way. Plus, he clearly stated in the first sentence, if you don’t play on kaillera, don’t worry about it.

Well when i first read this, it looked like a complete change and not an option. :bluu:

I guess keeping the option for same delay is good. I still think this new idea is not a good idea overall.

Are you talking about P2P or regular Kaillera? fba is an emulator. I didn’t come up with these numbers randomly. This is how it was traditionally done with Kaillera servers at kaillera.com until Emulinker cameout.

It’s not new.

Well if you really don’t like it, you have a few different options.

A. Make your games the same delay.
B. Don’t come to GodWeapon.
C. Go to GGPO.
D. Play Kaillera P2P
E. Stop playing all together.

No particular order of course.

I really don’t see any reason for a negativity for this. This is clearly the same kaillera with a new option. Any negativity towards this add-on is just negativity towards kaillera in the first place

I think this is great although it’s really not gonna help the “Everyone on Godweapon is a fucking scrub” idea. Like, if you won with that sort of game, that guy would just keep saying it was because of the one-sided lag he had to face, and he would actually have a point. Still way better than both people being dragged down. In fact, I might even go play on Godweapon later because of this. Back when I used to play on it, it was always hard to find a game because the only people on were people with 4 frame delay.

Speaking of which…where do I find an old school Kaillera client? The newer ones ONLY have p2p support. wtf.

Supraclient: http://www.supraclient.com/downloads/SupraclientCPPE_v0.87.9.rar

Traditional Kaillera Client: http://www.Supraclient.com/downloads/kaillera-0.9-sdk.zip

I’m not sure of the link to n20. 0746 can chime in on that one.

**Relax… it’s just a new option if you choose to use it. Besides, there are people who play online just to play for ‘fun’ not to brag a win. And some people do choose to play with a high ping that will cost them but they don’t are. They just want to play. Relax… **

Your work is much appreciated from me Sup .

I started on GW and made a BUNCH of friends that I still play with everyday. I’m not much on GW much anymore I’ll never talk shit about It or Sup. Only thing I hate about GW are the random cock smokers/jerks on there. I will for sure play on GW for any of my random non fighting game needs.

Plus I’ll always have a special bond to Sup. ever since he yelled at me on the CGA test server like he was my dad :rofl:

Uhh nFBA supports all FBA supported games and has GGPO-esque netcode.

So what does that have to do with GGPO support? Can I go on GGPO and play bomberman world or 4 player mvc?